4 Ways Olivia Palermo Has Worn A Belt This Fashion Week

4 Ways Olivia Palermo Has Worn A Belt This Fashion Week

Because Olivia knows that belts do so much more than just keep your trousers from falling down

Olivia Palermo's belt collection is really something to behold. Tan, navy, black, white: the front row regular and style icon appears to have one for every outfit, and is rarely snapped without wearing one.

We should know – we've been keeping our beady fashion eye on Ms Palermo as she hits the catwalk shows this season, knowing that she's always one step ahead in the styling stakes and always has an ingenious way of wearing something in a way we hadn't thought of.

And it looks like if there's one accessory that Olivia is peddling this season, it's the belt. Worn over coats or scarves, Olivia's belts are doing far more than merely holding her trousers up. Here are four different ways Mrs P has styled her belt this week, and we'll be copying them all

1. Over a jacket
Forget buttons: the chicest way to keep your woollen jacket from flapping open is by wrapping a smart navy belt tightly around the waist.


2. To dress down a Marchesa maxi
One way from keeping a floor-length lace maxi from becoming too OTT is by adding a low-key tan leather belt round the waist, as Olivia did with this Marchesa dress at the designer's SS15 fashion show this week. Don't forget the intricate looping...


3. To hold a scarf in place
Every year, there a new way to wear your scarf. This autumn, it's all about draping it round the neck, and holding it in place with a slim belt at the waist. But forget about using the belt holes: simply tie in a knot instead.


4. With a skirt and sleeveless jacket
Belts don't just have to keep things up or closed: take Olivia's lead and wear with an open cardigan, or sleeveless jacket with a high waist skirt or pair of trousers.


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