21 Handbag Struggles Every Woman Faces

21 Handbag Struggles Every Woman Faces

Handbag, you try so hard to cram everything in, but it’s just not enough. Cue triple-bagging troubles. Here are 21 handbag issues every woman faces

Oh, handbag. You’re not just a pretty face - you do a great job of holding all our stuff; from our phones and purses to all those other complete essentials we carry around on a day to day basis (a razor, a bruised banana, a screwdriver – you never know!), you try your best to cram it all in. But sometimes, you’re just not enough.

Our lunch needs an extra tote and a couple of plastic bags to stop leaks, as does our spare pair of heels for that event after work. Don’t forget the clutch and make-up bag, too. And the gym kit as well, that’s a third bag. Suddenly, we’re carrying around more bags than Kim Kardashian’s kloset.

We envy those girls who get by with a ruthlessly edited mini-satchel big enough for a phone, credit card and lipstick, but we’re resigned to the fact that we will never be one of them. Even Pippa Middleton has been caught triple-bagging – not even royalty have a security guard on standby to cart around your stuff. Here are 21 handbag struggles every woman faces on a daily basis.



1. It all starts so well. An empty handbag is filled with the bare essentials; phone, money, keys and your maybe some beauty bits; a hairband or some lipbalm will do.  

2. But what if there’s a last-minute after-work event? You better pack your make-up bag and some deodorant. Just in case. 

3. You can’t go out in those flats though! Chuck in some heels, why not. You can keep them under your desk.

4. Until you do wear them out, and have to bring them back the next day…

5. The Great British Weather means sunglasses in November and umbrellas in June. Just to be sure, you better pack them both all year round.

6. You’re going to need some lunch – you’ll have to toss some Tupperware into an extra tote.

7. And can someone please explain why water weighs so much?! We need our two litres a day!

8. This handbag is starting to get surprisingly heavy… especially with the pens, diary, and phone charger we need for work.

9. When you do need that pen, can you actually find it? Oh fab, it’s exploded.

10. We also love when we have to bring out laptop along for the ride. Not.

11. Don’t forget your gym kit, too. Plus a towel, shampoo and conditioner. So that’s now three bags in total, that’s ok…right?

12. Yeah, sure. Until you try and get on packed public transport and you can’t turn around without whacking someone with your extra width.

13. Backpack wearers, please remember you have the equivalent of a small child on your back before smacking us with your added bulk, thanks.

14. Good luck finding your bus pass in the bottomless pit that is now your handbag too.

15. Free newspaper? Well, it is good to know what’s going on. Better stuff those in as well.   

16. Long hair and handbag handles just do not mix. No matter what, long locks will always get caught underneath the straps.

17. Those red marks left by straps digging in to your skin are pretty sexy, too. 

18. Apparently our heavy handbags are giving us arthritis, torn muscles and back problems anyway. Great!

19. For all you mothers out there, we salute you. It’s hard enough carrying around enough for ourselves, never mind bottles and lego bricks for a whole other person.

20. After the commute home, your front door can be a thing of beauty. But where are those pesky keys? Tangled in some headphones right at the bottom of your bag, of course.

21. The absolute worst pain of all? When your handbag strap breaks midway through the day. RIP handbag, it was great while it lasted.


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