15 Reasons We Want Chrissy Teigen To Be Our BFF

15 Reasons We Want Chrissy Teigen To Be Our BFF

Chrissy Teigen is a TOTAL babe. Here's why she's our favourite person right now...

1) Chrissy Teigen is SMOKING hot but miraculously doesn't have the whole female population hating on her. We don't say 'smoking hot' much. Like the phrase, 'killer heels', we think it's best kept in the 90s but Chrissie really is a smokin' hot babe.


2) For a celeb, she can pull off a red carpet wardrobe malfunction pretty cooly. At the CFDA Fashion Awards, she dealt with her white Solace London dress ripping in the best way possible, captioning her Instagram post: 'Wardrobe malfunction of the highest caliber. Let's just say the slit took it upon itself to rip 5 inches higher [...] Do you guys know what a shadow is? Those are not nipples. I know what my nipples look like. You don't. Well maybe you do. But those aren't them.' What a babe.


6) Chrissy is a darned good role model. Instead of trying to keep up the 'perfect' facade so favoured by the A-list, she often posts before and after pics from shoots on Instagram.

On The Meredith Vieira Show, she said: 'It's just grown into this Photoshop phenomenon and I've seen these women in person, they are not like that. Please know that.'

She drove the point home in the New York Magazine: 'Things are never, ever as they seem [...] We have a team of people whose sole job is to make people appear close-to-perfect. And oh, the retouching. My bathroom mirror on any normal day would laugh hysterically if you told it I was flawless in any way! And that is fine with me.' 

And big up #TeamBigForehead


7) Her and husband John Legend are just so cute. Haters gonna hate but we think their verging-on-innappropriate red carpet PDAs make a refreshing change. Frankly, instead of the A-list's relationship dramas, we'd rather see a loved-up couple any day.


8) That one time she lost her s**t at the Golden Globes when John won an award and her face was made into a million memes.



10) Chrissy and John seem genuinely down to earth. We don't mean the usual; studying crystals and preaching about the emotional powers of water while talking about how 'down to earth' they are over a charcoal juice, but taking the dogs out and getting dragged around the streets like one of us.  


11) She was scouted when she was working at a surf shop. A surf shop! Far cooler than a shopping centre or music festival any day. (Sorry, supers.)


Repost from @si_swimsuit! reminds me: need to make wax appointment.

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12) We like an A-list couple that gives back, and Chrissy and John do just that. Loads. As well as raising money for John's Show Me Campaign, which seeks to give every child access to a quality education, the pair looked after protestors at the Black Lives Matter protests in December, hiring out food trucks to keep the New York crowds fed and watered, and in 2013, when the pair got married, one of their wedding presents was $100,000 to the latter from a billionaire guest. Beats a handheld whisk, we suppose.


13) She doesn't take herself too seriously.


Booty had me like

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14) She's being pregnant in the coolest way possible; sharing photos and saying what it's actually like - and she seems to be enjoying it. Chrissy's documented every step on social media, from her adorable announcement (her and John just giving us #couplegoals, as per) to her Snapchat showing her saying: 'My belly's bigger than my butt!'.

She's also been talking about her body changes on the FABlife: 'I’m still second trimester and … I think I’m rocking a 40 double D now'.

When co-host Joe Zee took out a bra to demonstrate how to tighten it, Chrissy said: 'That's like a nipple cover for me right now. My nipples are all sorts of weird right now […] I'm really actually so happy that I showed them off so much on Instagram 'cause I'll never see them that way again. Ever.'

She went on to reveal some trade tricks for getting cleavage (when you're no rocking 40DDs), talking about silicone cutlets or 'chicken fillets' - as we know them: ''At Sports Illustrated, we would double up on these... just stick these in your bra. They feel so nice and they're fun to play with honestly. Also you can make-up contour too. I do it... not so much anymore. Just do a semi-circle right there and you get a nice bam of cleavage'.

15) She co-hosts TV show Lip Sync Battle alongside LL Cool J. If you haven't already, it's definitely one to watch... 

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