11 Reasons The Victoria’s Secret Show Was Totally Brilliant

11 Reasons The Victoria’s Secret Show Was Totally Brilliant

The Angels came to London for this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show and InStyle had tickets! Safe to say, we were extreeemely excited...

1. The dress code
We’ll take any excuse to get dolled up and slap on some lippy in the middle of the day (the first show was at 4pm). The dress code was black tie AND black and white, which meant the two women who wore red dresses stuck out like a sore thumb in the audience...their intention, we imagine…

2. The attitude
We’ve seen it on TV before, but there’s nothing quite like being at the VS show. We’re so used to seeing stony-faced models on the catwalk at fashion week that we got completely carried away with these girls who were grinning, winking and egging the audience on to clap and cheer (we clapped and cheered. Loudly).

3. Ed Sheeran is tiny
Lovely Ed Sheeran took to the runway for a performance during the show - such a treat! He looked positively tiny next to the glamazon girls walking past him, though. Bless.

4. Karlie loves Taylor
Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are proper bezzies. They shot each other adoring glances during the show and Karlie lip synced enthusiastically to Taylor’s songs. #bestfriendsforever

5. The noisy accessories
We were expecting massive wings (Angels: obvs), but the very loud belts adorned with tiny bells were a surprise and so loud we could hear them jingle jangling over Ed Sheeran’s dulcet tones. The last time we saw belts like this was at Zumba class, though they weren’t nearly as sexy.

6. The home crowd
Everyone has their favourite Angel (Doutzen? Candice?) who they feel obliged to vocally support, but the whole audience got behind home girl Jourdan Dunn, who received a massive roar as she strode along in her knickers.

7. Taylor Swift is the ultimate Angel
With that body, Ms Swift could easily have walked the runway with the models and held her own - but she’s also one of the most successful musicians in the world and performed not one but two songs during the show. That’s one talented gal.

8. A bit of contemporary dance
We needed entertaining while the Angels were getting changed and if we’re honest, we weren’t sure what to make of the three male contemporary dancers that earnestly started performing on the catwalk during the break. But then they did some AMAZING moves and a lot of balancing on one arm and we were WELL impressed.

9. Hozier getting in the way
If there’s one thing Angels love wearing, it’s a ruddy great pair of wings. Sadly, some of them were a bit wide to fit past Hozier who was performing in the middle of the catwalk, resulting in some nifty side shimmying to get past the singer. Move over mate!

10. Karlie Kloss is a superhuman
There are supermodels...and then there’s Karlie Kloss. She’s so tall she’s head and shoulders above the other models, she walks like a cheetah, and she looked like she was having more fun than anyone else there. MASSIVE GIRL CRUSH.

11. The best finale EVER
And then at the end all the models came out at once and we clapped and we cheered and there were small white balloons and massive black balloons that hit us on the head and it was brilliant and we got so excited we forgot to breathe.

By Fashion Features Editor, Hannah Rochelle / @hannahrochelle

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