11 Burning Questions For Saint Laurent Model, Sarah Douglas

11 Burning Questions For Saint Laurent Model, Sarah Douglas

Sixties loving psychology student and exclusive Saint Laurent model Sarah 'Doug' Douglas discusses everything from her favourite skin products to her style icon Edie Sedgwick...

The alarm's gone off are you an instant riser or a constant snoozer?
Instant riser - I get bored too easily. 

What one thing do you try and do each day?
Take half an hour to read something that makes me think or smile.

What beauty products do you swear by?
Anything Bourjois - it's very light and kind to the skin. I was once told it’s made by the same company that manufacture Chanel products. Also, Clean and Clear Facial Wash - I've used it since I was twelve years old and it dries skin to prevent any spots. 

Talk me through a typical work day.
It's hard to define a typical day as modelling jobs can vary so much. When there's a shoot, it's usually an early start working until the evening, but this completely depends on how many shots the client is after and whether they are happy with the images. Castings are generally through the middle of the day but this extends over a longer time during fashion week. When it gets closer to shows, you can be called for fittings, hair and make up tests or castings any time of the day or night. 

What’s the most castings you’ve ever done in a day?
Probably around 8, which is barely any compared to some of my friends who have had up to 15 and are forced to take a taxi from place to place in order to make them in time. 


What do you like to eat when you’re:

a)      Going to castings
Easy things to grab and go - tonnes of nuts and dried fruit to keep energy up, cereal bars and fresh fruit. 

b)      Going out for dinner
Any veggie friendly place really. Wherever has good recommendations.  

c)       Hanging with friends
I'm a student so we'll typically have something for dinner that's quick and easy. I like to cook and a fave at the minute is mung bean stew. You can buy tonnes of beans super cheap and its goes well with brown rice. 


Where’s the best place you’ve traveled to for work? 
New York. It didn't feel like work at all walking to and from castings. It was great being able to explore all the different areas of the city, from touristy locations like Times Square to less well known spots, such as Ludlow street. The three weeks I spent there flew by and I was sad to leave. 

What would you say is the best part and the toughest part of being a model?
The best part is being able to travel all over the world, see amazing places and meet really interesting people you wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to meet. The toughest part is maintaining a sense of who you are if you are spending a lot of time away from people who know you best. 

Who is your style icon?
Edie Sedgwick. She was Andy Warhol's muse in the 60s and consistently had a chic style with her own edge. 

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Made in Chelsea. 

And finally if you could only choose to be one; would you be a mermaid or a unicorn?
A mermaid as I love to swim. 

Top image photographer: Oli Kearon

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