10 Ways To Kick That Fashion Addiction

10 Ways To Kick That Fashion Addiction

Addicted to Breton stripes? Can’t stop buying brogues? Here’s 10 new season alternatives

The Addiction: Breton Stripes
Swap for: Chevrons
Next time you’re tempted by Breton stripes - otherwise known as ‘item most likely to wear at the same time as someone else in the office’ – try a chevron for a different kind of stripe fix.

The Addiction: Leopard Print
Swap for: Cow Print
Leopard has essentially become a neutral print, sitting happily with stripes or florals and everything in between. This season, STEP AWAY and hunt out some cow: it’s this season’s hottest animal print.

The Addiction: Skinny Jeans
Swap for: Leggings
We challenge you to find someone who ISN’T guilty of this addiction (not possible). If you’ve also invested in long, loose tops to wear with your skinnies, it’s time to revisit leggings. Yes, really! Just make sure your bum is covered…



The Addiction: Brogues
Swap for: Kilties
We’re not suggesting you ditch the flats now you’ve got so used to being comfortable, but take inspo from Marni and try some kilties – that’s fringed shoes – for a change.

The Addiction: The Bomber Jacket
Swap for: The Anorak
If you’ve spent all summer in a bomber you might be wondering how to integrate something warmer into your new tomboy look. Simple: get your hands on an anorak. Same vibe, warmer threads.


The Addiction: The Buttoned-up Shirt
Swap for: The Skinny Roll-neck
We’ve become very attached to the prim collar look, particularly layered underneath a jumper, but you can swap it for a skinny roll neck for the same effect, and it will keep out a chill, too.




The Addiction: Nude courts
Swap for: Block heel sandals
So the Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of shoes that make you look like you’ve got weird high-heeled bare feet. So what? A chunky sandal is WAY more versatile (can also be worn with thick socks and ribbed tights).

The Addiction: The Trench Coat
Swap for: The Peacoat
Yeah, yeah, the trench is a style staple, never goes out of fashion, blah blah…but this season’s timeless classic coat HAS to be a peacoat. As seen at Saint Laurent, so we must be right.





The Addiction: Blazers
Swap for: Waistcoats
A blazer is the foolproof tried and tested way of smartening up literally ANY outfit. A long waistcoat has the same effect, but comes with the added bonus of being able to wear a roll neck sweater underneath (see point 5)


The Addiction: Tights
Swap for: Socks
Guys, it’s not even cold. There’s no need to dig out the deeply unsexy tights just yet. Enjoy the unusually warm weather with bare legs and a pair of ankle socks. We’re going to rock this look as close to Christmas as we can bear.



By Hannah Rochell

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