10 Ways To Be The Most Stylish Couple At A Wedding

10 Ways To Be The Most Stylish Couple At A Wedding
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Make sure you and your man look the best-dressed part at every wedding this summer with these sure fire tricks...

1. Complement, Don't Coordinate

Whatever you do, don't try too hard when it comes to matching the colour of each of your outfits. The cooler way to blend your looks together is by wearing complementing tones. For example, if you've decided to wear hot pink, instead of styling up your man like a life-size Ken doll get him a suit in a tone close to pink on the colour wheel. A deep burgundy or aubergine would be a match made in style heaven, without looking like you're desperately trying to bag yourselves the next Kooples campaign... 

2. Keep Your Accessories Sleek And Interesting

Ladies, step away from the box clutch. To really make a sartorial impact at a pal's wedding, make your outfits look way more sleek by working in some unexpected accessories. For your beau, deck him out with things like silk pocket squares, big face watches and retro-print ties. David Beckham knows his way around an off-the-cuff add on, so get your man to check out his latest looks for some inspo. As for you, why not shun the failsafe statement necklace for layers of fine gold chains and mis-match stud earrings. 

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3. Mimic Your Man In A Sharp Suit

Pretty dresses will always be a wedding-guest style mainstay but if you really want to make your ensemble stand out, take a tip from the boys and invest in some chic tailoring. A fitted blazer and cigarette trouser combo will look seriously sleek against your man's; just make sure you opt for a lighter colour than his and glam it up with a pair of show-stopping heels to stop your get-ups from looking like a Twins Halloween costume... 

4. Work-In Offbeat Styling Details

Make your outfits look even more on-point by working some fash pack approved styling tricks into your ensembles. For the guys, rocking a pair of loafers or slip-on shoes without socks is all the rage right now (just look at Joshua Jackson...) or he could try working in a contrasting waistcoat to his suit; a tweed style would look great with a block-colour jacket and trouser. When it comes to your outfit, try giving a girly dress a cool injection by cinching in your waist with a mannish tan belt, swapping heels for fierce pumps or, as an edgy alternative to a pashmina, shoulder-robe your leather biker to make it work as a cover-up. 

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5. If In Doubt, Go Monochrome...

If your personal styles just aren't, and never will be, in sync, fear not; you can always rely on a classic black and white combo to instantly pull your looks together. What man doesn't look good in a black suit after all? Oh, and you can always work in a pair of amazing shoes or a stop-and-stare clutch to up your own style-ante. 

6. Perfect Your Pose

Every A-List couple worthy of note has mastered a pose that shows off each person perfectly. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have got the wrapped-arms/loving-gaze stance down to a tee. As stupid as it sounds, take a minute to work out some poses in front of the mirror; that way you'll nail every photo-op like a pro. 

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7. Ditch The Traditional Wedding-Guest Uniform

Fascinators and shrugs, lapel flowers and cravats; there are some things you can guarantee are going to appear thick and fast on guests at every wedding. Break the mold by making an informed decision to avoid these items at all costs. We're not saying you should hit the church in your favourite band tee and kicks, but opting out on the stuffy staples will make your looks more individual to you. 

8. Don't Over-Do It With The Make-Up/Styling Gel

When it comes to your beauty regime, keep your make-up fresh and your hair natural to nail that sought-after, 'I just rolled out of bed and rocked on up' vibe. Every time they step out, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince look the rock star part thanks to their paired back approach to all things made-up. For the man in your life, make sure he's equipped with a non-shine wax to give his hair some shape without looking Jedward. 

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9. Pull Your Looks Together With One Bold Colour Hit

If you've both got different ideas on what to wear, pull your outfits together by working one bright colour hit into each of your looks. For your man, get him a pair of socks that match the bright colour of your clutch and no matter what the rest of your ensembles are like, the coloured piece will draw your outfits together in a flash. 

10. NEVER Underestimate The Power Of Sunglasses

If all else fails, you can always rely on a pair of hot sunglasses to give any outfit an insanely cool twist. Whatever you do (unless it's an outdoor wedding in the South of France in the scorching sun) do NOT keep them on during the ceremony. Everyone hates those people... 

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By Maxine Eggenberger

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