10 Things We Wouldn't Have Done Without Game Of Thrones

10 Things We Wouldn't Have Done Without Game Of Thrones

Crop tops, sheepskin in the summer and hairy men: just a few of the ways our favourite costume drama has changed our lives

1. Had an overwhelming urge to wear a cloak
A cloak is a symbol of marriage in the Seven Kingdoms, as the groom drapes one in the colours of his house over the bride’s shoulders rather than an exchange of rings during the ceremony. There’s no need to marry a dwarf to get one for yourself, though. As seen at Valentino s/s2014, it’s a brilliant summer cover-up if you’re wearing shorts because it’s basically a blanket. Try adding medieval hairdo for extra authenticity.

Valentino s/s2014

2. Dragonskin – it’s the new snake!
OK, OK, so dragons don’t actually exist. But to get that dragonskin look, just find some snakeskin shoes with a metallic finish. Because that’s exactly what we reckon dragonskin would look like. If you’d rather be sure that no dragons OR snakes were harmed in the making of your Targaryen-inspired shoes, pick one of the great leather effects on the high street at the moment. These from & Other Stories are our favourites. £125, stories.com

3. Totally got on board with the idea of impractically long sleeves
If it’s good enough for Cersei Lannister, it’s good enough for us. Chloe and Acne Studios got on board for s/s2014 too, showing super-long sleeves on the catwalk. A tip on proportions: grow your hair as long as possible to balance out the sleeves. Another tip: avoid cooking/washing up/operating machinery with moving parts whilst wearing.

long sleeves at Acne

4. Felt the need to plait our hair
If the majority of 10 year-old girls we’ve seen recently are anything to go by, anyone either with short hair or lacking the nerve to sport braids themselves has instead been practicing their Sansa hair on the nearest child they could find. For the less dextrous amongst you, try a plaiting masterclass at Headmasters, and you’ll be Esme-ready in just 45 minutes. £45, headmasters.com

Esme Game of Thrones plaits

5. Discovered our inner warrior woman
Brienne of Tarth, the kick-ass female knight, is ticking one massive trend box for s/s2014: the warrior woman. Remember that scene where they made her wear an awful pink dress? We reckon she’s have looked MUCH better in a bit of Dries.

Dries van Noten s/s2014

6. Been spotted sporting black sheepskin, even when it’s hot
Aside from having us adopt a northern accent whenever we say his name, John Snow has also had us reaching for the black sheepskin quicker than you can say “winter is coming”. Even one InStyler’s husband was recently found shoulder robing her shearling gilet to cries of “do I look like a member of The Night’s Watch?Try Celtic & Co for one of your own. £345, celticandco.co.uk

7. Found ourselves referencing Melisandre rather than Red Riding Hood at fashion shows
Were Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent and Valentino really reading fairy tales when they were designing their a/w2014 collections? Nah, we reckon they’d been watching season 3 on box set. Come September, we’ll all be coveting a red hood and cloak, just like The Red Priestess.

8. Experimented with crop tops against our better judgement
One InStyle editor, who shall remain nameless, recently celebrated her 37th birthday by wearing a crop top for the first time in 20 years. She blames Daenerys Targaryen. That woman has a lot to answer for.

Game of Thrones crop top

9. Worn leather every day for months
Everyone wears leather in Game of Thrones; from Tyrion and Joffrey (claret quilted leather), to Tywin Lanister (black embossed leather that looks EXACTLY like Fendi a/w2014) and the Dothraki, whose loosely cut raw leather reminds us of Marques’Almeida’s s/s2014 collection.

Marques'Almeida s/s2014

10.  Developed crushes on very hairy men
The hairier the better, to be honest. And if he’s plaiting his hair and wearing eyeliner like a Dothraki, we’re totally cool with that too. Hell, he can even put elastic bands in his beard if he likes. Swoon.

Game of Thrones Dothraki

By Hannah Rochell

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