ella merryweather

ella merryweather

The alarms gone off are you an instant riser or a constant snoozer?

I'm so not a morning person, constant snoozer.
What one thing do you try and do each day?

Make my morning smoothie.

Brit It model Ella Merryweather answers our 10 burning questions. Here's what she said...

What beauty products do you swear by?

Rodial super-food glam balm — it works wonders for my skin & lips.

Talk me through a typical work day

No one day is the same, that's the joy of my job! It totally depends whether I have a shoot or castings.

What’s the most castings you’ve ever done in a day?

During a previous fashion week I've made about 20 in a day. I've never ran so much!

ella merryweather
What do you like to eat when you’re:

a) Going to castings
My homemade smoothies.
b) Going out for dinner
I love Mexican & Italian food.
c) Hanging with friends
Chicken, chicken and more chicken!
When you’re not working how would you describe your style, do you have a favourite piece of clothing?

I'm definitely a jeans kinda girl, but I do favour my PJ's at home.

ella merryweather
Its freezing out, what’s your fail safe item?

A scarf, every time.
Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

South West Cornwall, because it's where I grew up, my friends and I can all meet, go to the beach & chill by the sea.

ella merryweather

And finally if you could only choose to be one; would you be a mermaid or a unicorn?

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100% a mermaid. I'm in love with the sea.