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One of our favourite games each year at InStyle HQ is to work out which designer will be next to collaborate with high street mogul H&M. The last collaboration with Balmain set the bar pretty high, so we were delighted to hear that Kenzo would be next on the list

Watch out Gigi and Kendal, there’s a new gal in town. Meet Taylor Hill, the world’s hottest supermodel who has transitioned from social media sensation to the face of Topshop, with eyebrows to even rival Cara Delevingne’s. Get. To. Know.

Let's be honest - there's so much waxing, plucking and tanning to do before we hit the beach, it's no wonder we need a break. Men, you have no idea, but one brave grooming virgin is about to... Meet Ben Machell, the guy who tried getting holiday ready our way