New York Fashion Week - Coach

New York Fashion Week - Coach

No matter how hard I might try to be objective about a collection, whenever I sit through a show theres always a little bit of me that thinks: 'if I had endless amounts of cash, would I actually wear that?' So here are the pieces from New York fashion week that have got me thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe already. And yes, I know, its only February... 

The Dress: Beaufille
I love this super modern (and flattering) take on the LBD. Beaufille are two very cool Canadian women (sisters) who's contemporary take on femininity has got everyone talking. 


The Blouse: Derek Lam

Blame Gucci if you like, but right now everyone is looking for that perfect cocktail blouse. The key is for it for it not to be too 'blousey' I know that sounds silly, but you know what I mean. This one is sharp, gloriously red (a colour I can't get enough of) and velvet!  How fabulous. I'm not skinny enough for the trousers, but I totally love the masculine/feminine contrast of this look.


The Jacket: Coach
An oversized based ball jacket with luxe leather - perfect. 


The Skirt: Delpozo
This isn't just about the skirt – its the whole thing. I get excited about the new – and this is really new. The artful print, the cocoon sleeves, those gloves. Take this and wear with a plain navy M&S jumper and it's a brilliant standout look for work. 


The Top: DKNY
The new design duo (Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne) behind DKNY has given the label a seriously street edge. What's lured me in are the supersize tops and silky slips, totally 90s but in the just the right way.   


The Coat: Victoria Beckham
Yes it is beautifully cut, yes it will be ridiculously flattering to wear, but it's those zingy orange frays that really gives this coat the edge. Its the kind of coat I would find any excuse to wear.

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