Why Netflix Is Changing My Wardrobe

Why Netflix Is Changing My Wardrobe

Our fashion features ed Hannah Rochell on the Netflix shows that are inspiring the way she dresses

I’m currently hankering after a garish Hawaiian shirt. Not because it’s a catwalk trend, or because everyone’s got one from Zara. No, I want a garish Hawaiian shirt because I love the one that Pablo Escabar wears in the Netflix series Narcos. I know, niche.

I first noticed that I was lusting after unusual items seen on screen when I was binge watching Breaking Bad. I’d resisted the temptation to buy a pair of Clarks Originals Wallabees in 1991 when EVERYONE in my class had them (I chose some purple Converse All Stars instead) but suddenly, seeing them on Walter White, I thought it might be time to finally invest. Of course, I wasn’t going to pair mine with flannel socks and big white pants, but I still wanted them. Luckily they aren’t too hard to track down, unlike a garish Hawaiian shirt in a size 10.

I think one of the reasons Netflix is starting to shape my wardrobe more than catwalk trends (yes, really – says a fashion editor) is that so many of them are period dramas from recent times. I’ve always been drawn to retro styles, so The Get Down and Stranger Things really are music to my sartorial ears. Here are my favourite items that I’ve either bought, or resurrected, as a direct result of a Netflix show.

Puma Suedes

Inspired by Shaolin Fantastic in The Get Down

I still don’t have these in the correct colour – the red and white that Shaolin Fantastic wears in the show – but I have some burgundy ones that I picked up for an absolute steal in TK Maxx and they'll do nicely in the meantime. True aficionados will notice that Shaolin’s Pumas are ‘Clydes’, which is the same style but the American version, renamed after the New York Knicks player Walter ‘Clyde’ Frazer, who asked Puma to make them slightly wider just for him.

Clarks Originals Wallabees

Inspired by Walter White in Breaking Bad

Lots of brands do styles that look like them, but for me it has to be Clarks Originals when it comes to the Wallabee. The perfect partner for a pair of snazzy socks and some turned up jeans which is handy, as that just so happens to be my signature look.

Clarks Originals Wallabees, £61.74, zalando.co.uk

A Sherpa jacket

Inspired by Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things

I’ve had a Sherpa jacket from Urban Outfitters for years but it’s getting a big resurrection this winter thanks to that scene in Stranger Things when Nancy and Jonathan go into the woods and accidentally find the Upside Down. Oh, and I just got my hands on a brand new lumberjack-style Levi's one too. I’m not planning on getting either of mine covered in sticky goo though TBH.

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Dungarees and boiler suits

Inspired by Allan Avery in Making A Murderer

OK, I know this is slightly in bad taste, but whenever I wear my MiH boiler suit I can’t help thinking of Steven Avery’s dad, Allan. You know, the mechanic who rocked a pair of dungarees like no other man his age could? Don’t judge me…

Montara All In One, £295, mih-jeans.com

A full matching tracksuit

Inspired by Grandmaster Flash in The Get Down

While Puma is fully endorsed in the show, adidas isn’t, which is hardly surprising given the rivalry between the two brands (did you know they were originally one brand founded brother Adi and Rudolf Dassler before they fell out and split it in two?). So the Grandmaster has to wear a two-stripe fake in the show. Still, we all know what he would have REALLY worn, and my own navy adidas tracksuit has never felt so on trend.

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A tank top

Inspired by the office extras in Vinyl

I’m so sad this show isn’t coming back for a second series, because the fashion was INSANE! And to be fair it wasn’t actually on Netflix. However! My new Equipment tank top could have been straight out of the seventies, and therefore also straight out of Vinyl, the Get Down, or Narcos. Just add flares.

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