WATCH: Bella Hadid Fell At NYFW (And Dealt With It In The Best Way Possible)

WATCH: Bella Hadid Fell At NYFW (And Dealt With It In The Best Way Possible)

Turns out supermodels aren’t superhuman, as these hard-to-watch catwalk falls prove...

Think models have an easy time of it? Think again! You know that feeling when you’re walking into a room, hoping to make an impression and, you know, not fall flat on your face? Times that by a million, add a pair of six-inch heels, and you’ll get an idea of the pressure felt by every model that graces the catwalk.

Bella Hadid took a tumble at Alexander Wang's SS17 show at NYFW — and dealt with it so well. As well as laughing it off at the time (the only way to diffuse tension, as any clumsy people will know), with loads of iPhones in her face, she took to social media to make fun of herself.

The model and sister of Gigi Hadid, who's already walked in loads of shows this season, referred to her fall in an Insta-post and Tweeted.

Here's proof that though they may be physically flawless and beautiful beyond belief, but these ladies don’t always get it right on the night...

Last season, while walking for Givenchy, the gorgeous Candice Swanepoel took a tumble in her unlaced heels, and had to be helped up by members of the FROW to continue her walk. Sure, she shrugged it off like a pro, but it just goes to show that even the most starry of models are at the mercy of their hazardous high heels. And she’s not alone.

From Naomi Campbell in 1993 to Karlie Kloss in her early career, we’ve whittled down the most iconic, cringey and unapologetically hilarious catwalk falls EVER for your viewing pleasure. Sorry, ladies...

Candice Swanepoel at Givenchy

Lindsey Wixson at Fashion For Relief

Karlie Kloss at Fendi

Agyness Deyn at Fashion For Relief

Jessica Stam at Chloé

Jane Grybennikova at Elie Saab

Naomi Campbell at Vivienne Westwood

Don’t worry girls, no one noticed a thing.

It's also worth pointing out that, even though they've just committed the cardinal sin of their careers, they still manage to keep it together and handle themselves with all the poise and grace of well, a top model. Bravo, ladies...

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