These Miniature Dachshund Minions Will Make Your Monday Bearable

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Struggling to cope with the Monday blues? This video is guaranteed to change all that...

Mondays, no matter how much you hate or even love your job they can be a struggle. You go from lazing around on a Sunday eating toast and contemplating what box-set to watch next to suddenly come Monday morning finding yourself back in reality, where you're not only expected to dress but to perform tasks too. So when something trivial comes along to distract from the fact there's another whole five days to go before you can have another lie-in you just know you've got to embrace it. This week's Monday mood transformer is pretty simple - two dogs dressed as minions. But here at InStyle HQ we've already watch it around 10 times.


The video sees the Dachshunds, Crusoe and his brother Oakley whizz around playing fetch dressed up as Minions. Sure, nothing ground-breaking occurs but isn't two adorable dogs dressed up looking like real life minions enough! 

But the cute overload factor doesn't just stop there. Crusoe is pretty au fait with fame, what with his own blog and youtube channel that has over 27,000 subscribers. Here are a couple of other favourites. Productive Monday? Absolutely. 

Crusoe being an accountant 

Crusoe and his pals being dudes 

Crusoe and Oakley playing cops and robbers 

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