9 Ideas We’re Stealing From Men’s Fashion Week (Because Our Boys Aren’t Cool Enough To Wear Them)

9 Ideas We’re Stealing From Men’s Fashion Week (Because Our Boys Aren’t Cool Enough To Wear Them)

It’s menswear fashion week! But even hipsters will run a mile from most of the catwalk trends. Which is where you come in…

LC:M (that’s London Collections: Men, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention) has just finished, and now the fashion world is heading to Milan and Paris for all things menswear. Men’s fashion week is a funny old beast though, because other than a handful of “normal” designers like Margaret Howell, Hardy Amies and Belstaff designing the kind of clothes that your boyfriend might just have the nerve to ditch his Urban Outfitters Osaka T-shirt for, most of the designs are absolutely bonkers. Let’s be honest, even the hippest of hipsters would be hard pushed to be persuaded into a leather bondage harness or a yellow parachute silk skirt.


Of course, fashion week is exactly the place where designers should push the boundaries of what your average man does and doesn’t feel comfortable wearing. That’s the whole point! But there’s no reason at all why us girls shouldn’t take inspiration from the men’s catwalk too, especially since many brands are now choosing to show women in the same shows and in similar designs. Personally, I’ve always borrowed ideas from the boys – most of my style icons are men – and if your average lad isn’t going to wear this stuff, someone else really ought to. So here are my favourite ideas to steal for next season.

1. The single shoulder robe: seen at Christopher Kane

For when it’s slightly too hot for a regular double shoulder robe. Possibly because you’ve decided to wear an incredibly warm woollen stripy jumper during the summer.

2. Leopard shoes and suits: seen at Alexander McQueen

Love love love this look. If only our boobs didn’t ruin the line of the suit jacket and tie... #sigh

3. Socks and Teva sandals: seen at Lou Dalton

I have it on good authority – in that I saw it IRL with my own eyes last week – that most of the guys who actually work at Teva in Rotterdam wear socks with their sandals. Personally, I’ll be opting for a black ribbed pair instead of white though.


4. Boxing boots with cropped flares: seen at J.W.Anderson

These bell-shaped cropped flares were big news on the women’s catwalk last season, but no-one thought to pair them with boxing boots. Until now!

5. T-bars with tweed trousers: seen at E.Tautz

Ooo, I do love a man in a fisherman sandal but a T-bar takes even more guts. While I’m waiting for my husband to pluck up the courage to do this look I’m stealing it immediately for myself.

6. Quadruple denim: seen at Christopher Shannon

This is next level Canadian Tuxedo: forget double denim, it’s all about a four-way split personality with jeans next season. I wonder if I could DIY this look…

7. An anorak hat: see at Craig Green

It’s like that detachable hood in your childhood ‘80s anorak but without the jacket. A bit weird, but practical, and would definitely look even cooler with a bold red lip and a flash of long locks.


8. Split hem trousers: seen at Katie Eary

Another DIY idea, and a great alternative to flares if you’re short, like me. Oh and the Ellesse slides? Currently just fifteen quid at Topshop.

9. Teddy Boy chic: seen at Topshop Design

I only really like this look on very tall lads, but a longer-line Teddy jacket is much easier to wear as a woman. Plus I am all about those lattice loafers.


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