Lush x Fidget Spinners: Instagrammable Genius Or Just Plain Weird?

Lush x Fidget Spinners: Instagrammable Genius Or Just Plain Weird?

There are manic days where the struggle is too real, days when even a trusty bath-tea-face mask combo won’t work its magic. Not even when the tea is actually wine – those days.

On these bleak occasions you need that something extra to get you through the day and fix you for the next. Luckily, Lush get that and have just the Lush-like answer for those manic Mondays and woeful Wednesdays…

Introducing the Fidget Spinner Bubble Bar - because if your bath bomb only serves one purpose what even is it doing.

Not convinced? We're into it and this is why...

Swoop up one of these babies and you can have a bubble bath Instagram would approve of plus the joy of a stress-relieving fidget spinner - all in one (perfect for all that bath time over-thinking).


The bubble bar itself is a bright trio of pink, blue and yellow (how uplifting) and is made using all natural ingredients, such as lime oil, lemon oil and grapefruit oil - uplifting and zesty. Simply run the fidget spinner under flowing hot water and sink into a yellow bath of citrus bubbles while the stresses of your day melt away… Feeling it yet? 

The team at Lush have this to say about the gadget: "If you're feeling a bit fidgety, grab this foamer and have a fiddle in the bath. Hold under running water for bubbles of lemon and lime for brighter moods and clearer minds. Spin away your worries and allow the piles of citrus bubbles to soak up your cares. When you're done, place it on the side and allow to dry out ready to spin on another fidgety day."


If you want to get your hands on one, move fast, they sold out in minutes on their first release. Right now though, they’re back in stock but probably not for long…

You can buy the Bubble Spinner for £4.95 online now at Lush.

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