We’re Fashion Fans AND We Love Kendall Jenner. So What?

We’re Fashion Fans AND We Love Kendall Jenner. So What?

Why all the hate, people? As “fashion fans” criticise the new Fendi campaign starring Kendall Jenner, we’re jumping to the model’s defence. And we are DEFINITELY fashion fans!!

If you’d just had your picture taken by Karl Lagerfeld, we reckon you’d be pretty excited about it too. Yesterday Kendall Jenner posted an Instagram snap of her posing in the new Fendi campaign with the caption ‘new @Fendi shot by Karl Lagerfeld…NO BIG DEAL’, and while her fans were as excited as she was (it’s so far had 1.1 million likes), the fash pack have been less complimentary about the campaign.

Taking to the website The Fashion Spot to leave comments like ‘the make-up doesn’t suit her…needs someone with cheekbones!’ and ‘that house deserves more and Kendall deserves nothing. She’s not a model. Period.’ – ouch! – many were keen to make it clear that the decision to feature her in the campaign hasn’t gone down well with everyone. We think they’re being pretty harsh, though, so here are our top reasons why we reckon Kendall deserves recognition as a great model (and why she’s probably not taking a blind bit of notice of those negative comments anyway).

Kaiser Karl Loves Kendall
When we interviewed Karl Lagerfeld less than a year ago, we asked him why he liked certain girls walking in the Fendi show. And when we spoke to him about Kendall his answer was this:
“She walked in the show? I can’t remember who she was. There are a few girls whose names I don’t remember. There are 50 girls walking in the show. That’s a lot, huh?”
Yet last week she closed Lagerfeld's couture show as the Chanel bride. Not a bad turnaround from the most influential man in fashion, Kendall. Kudos.

You can’t argue with those bookings
Last fashion week she walked in all the biggest catwalk shows (Chanel, Fendi and Balmain to name but a few) and has some impressive campaigns under her belt (Calvin Klein and Estee Lauder as well as Fendi). So you can say what you like, but there’s no doubt that this girl gets a lot of work. And we don’t imagine that it’s ALL down to her famous family.

She’s a chameleon
It’s great to be a recognisable face in the modelling industry, but unusual to be a total chameleon, too. We’ve lost count of the number of shows we’ve been on the FROW at where we didn’t notice it was Kendall walking down the catwalk right away. She has the kind of face that can be transformed with hair styling and make-up, and surely that’s a winning formula for the clients that book her.

The best models get the most criticism
Cindy Crawford for her mole, Kate Moss for her height (or lack of it), Naomi Campbell for her temper, Cara Delevingne for her eyebrows, Lydnsey Wixson for her tooth gap…if the fashion world has a divided opinion about you, you can be sure you’re going to have a great career in modelling.

Watch Kendall closing last week's Chanel couture show in the video below.



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