Kendall and Erin at Marc Jacobs and Going To The Gym With Jeff Goldblum: What We Did At NYFW

Kendall and Erin at Marc Jacobs and Going To The Gym With Jeff Goldblum: What We Did At NYFW

London Fashion Week started today, but fashion director Arabella Greenhill and executive fashion editor Nick Spensley literally just touched down from New York are some of their highlights.

The Stadium of Tommy Hilfiger

If you’re going to set your show in a sports stadium, you’d better make sure it’s spectacular (it was actually at the Armory on Park Avenue, but felt more like we were at a football match. The models even walked on astro turf), and Tommy Hilfiger didn’t disappoint. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the brand, and what better way to celebrate than pumping out a Beyonce/Missy Elliot megamix at 10am? Brilliant.



J Crew personal styling

At the J Crew presentation we were treated to a styling session for next season. We took everything on board and have totally worked out our looks for Milan and Paris fashion weeks; with a whole month of shows, we need a little inspiration, so thanks, J Crew!

Everyone loves Erin

As if a Marc Jacobs show isn’t exciting enough, this one was opened by statuesque Erin O’Connor and saw Kendall Jenner walking down yet ANOTHER catwalk. The striking collection included shiny, long black boots and gloves, long full skirts, and an old Jacobs favourite: nightdresses worn under winter coats.


Our new gym buddy

Arabella likes a run in the morning but with those sub-zero temperatures, she wasn’t going out to Central Park. Good thing too, because if she hadn’t rocked up to the hotel gym, she wouldn’t have found herself on the treadmill next to the charming (and rather trim-looking) Jeff Goldblum. It was a little difficult concentrate on not falling over being next to a Hollywood actor! Swoon!

Bravo Ralph!

Everyone in New York was OBSESSED by the Ralph Lauren show (including Kanye, who was on the FROW), which got a standing ovation – rare in an age when the audience spends most of the finale messing about on social media rather than actually clapping. A highlight was the luxurious fur-like pieces – it was actually shearling, as Ralph Lauren has a long-standing no fur policy.


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