WATCH: H&M Haul Video With Singer Izzy Bizu And Joshington Hosts

Intro Deck: 

Pop’s latest sensation, Izzy Bizu goes on a high street haul at H&M with Joshington Hosts and reveals exactly how bad a first date can be…

Are you stuck over what to wear for that critical first date? Or have you got your knickers in a twist over your summer wedding style? Joshington Hosts is joined by Izzy Bizu to solve YOUR problems.

First Date Dressing:

‘You have got to be comfortable… go to a burger place so you can see how comfortable they are with you eating around them,’ Izzy says. For said occasion you clearly, ‘need something comfortable in case you drop something down yourself.’ The best thing to buy, we hear you ask? A distressed kick flare and a cleavage baring body! Durrr! You have to get flirty on the first date at the end of the day.  

The worst date Izzy Bizu has ever been on? ‘I once got knocked over by a bus… I walked into the MegaBus.’ But don’t worry people she wasn’t seriously harmed! However, the struggle is real for all the single girls out there it would seem!

Saturday Night Out With the Girlzz (note the two zz’s for street effect):

You have got to be a babe in a bomber jacket gals! Would Izzy dare to do double print? ‘I have never done a double print,’ well that was until Joshington put a contrasting printed body underneath said bomber jacket. It’s the perfect for Miss Bizu to get down to her favourite track, Let’s Get It On. Obviously one will be swaying seductively to get the guys’ attention at work.

What To Wear To As A Wedding Guest:

Izzy has her eye on the groomsmen so, ‘something flirty that goes in at the waist.’ Minx!  But is white ok? ‘You don’t want to upstage the bride but if it’s short I think it’s fine.’ Watch the video above for more options including how to accessorise your look for a one-way ticket to the top table.

Izzy Bizu's debut album is released on 2nd September.

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