It's One Of The Biggest Colour Trends For SS17 But Can A Redhead Really Wear Yellow?

It's One Of The Biggest Colour Trends For SS17 But Can A Redhead Really Wear Yellow?

But, of course.

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Who could forget Kate Moss in that yellow dress? You know the one, pale lemon chiffon with one shoulder. The dress that spawned a thousand copies. But that was way back in 2003 and no one has talked much about yellow since then. Until now.

Yellow is the colour of SS17. Try and find a designer who didn't send something yellow down the catwalk at the shows; it unexpectedly dominated the runways, in all shades, from canary to mustard and many shades in-between. It cropped up in collections at Chloé, Céline, Gucci and more, both on clothes and accessories, too.

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Street style stars have also been spotted wearing yellow more as well – Yoyo Cao in yellow velvet Celine trousers, Josephine Aarkrogh with in Gucci and Kate Foley in a Rejina Pyo dress.

Over the last few months there have also been several red carpet sightings of celebs in yellow: Jennifer Lopez in Giambattista Valli at the Golden Globes, Emma Stone in Chanel at a La La Land premiere, but when Victoria Beckham, whose daily uniform is similar to mine (black, grey and navy), rocked up in New York wearing a head to toe yellow outfit then you know it’s time to take notice. And if VB is going to give it a whirl, then so am I.

Yellow is not a colour I’ve ever considered wearing before. Not because I don't like it - who couldn’t? It’s the color of sunshine, after all. It represents cheerfulness, warmth and happiness and puts you in a good mood. But, because, as a red head with pale skin (my two-week holiday in the sun just stops me looking reflective rather than tanned), I always assumed that the colour suits a more olive complexion.

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I also know a lot of people who say that yellow isn’t flattering on them and I’ve always felt the same way. When I go shopping I bypass the racks of yellow, but then this summer, slowly, as yellow has been creeping back into the fashion consciousness, I found myself buying a pair of sunshine yellow ballet flats from Cos. They were a little out of my comfort zone to say the least but with a pair of jeans they looked great! They ended up being one of my favourite shoes of the summer. Then there was a pale yellow bikini from Prism, which was a very bold step away from my usual black. I was hooked.

But this coming SS17 season there’s no ignoring it. So as much as I try to say don't slavishly follow the trends and wear something that suits you, it’s going to be hard to go into any shop next season and not be confronted with an assortment of shades of yellow.

But don’t just sling on any old shade; sunshine, lemon, mustard, marigold, buttercup – whatever you call it, which shade is right for you? So, before deciding to wear it, first find out which shade complements your colouring best. Once that's sorted there’s no room for error with the help of our current obsession fashion app Snap Fashion.

I’m starting small. Next on my list is the yellow Chloé Faye shoulder bag. Tip: let one simple accessory pop.

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