It's Bare Legs Weather... But Can You Wear Shorts To Work?

It's Bare Legs Weather... But Can You Wear Shorts To Work?

With temperatures set rise again this week, we look at the dos and don’ts of wearing shorts to the office

Check the temperature

If it’s really, REALLY hot we reckon you can get away with the hem of your shorts rising to around mid-thigh, but there are certain caveats. Always wear with flat shoes and make sure the temperature is going to be higher than 25 degrees because remember, you have to allow for air conditioning. #goosebumps

No-one wants to see your butt cheeks

Even in the most relaxed office environment, it’s not advisable to show parts of your body reserved for the eyes of your nearest and dearest, your gynaecologist, and anyone you might be going on holiday with. Leave the Daisy Dukes for your next festival outing.


Beware of looking like an exotic dancer

If you’re going to wear heels with your shorts, you’re entering tricky territory. We’d advise going for a longer length short, or better, culottes, and a chunky, block heel sandal. Never, ever, wear tight hot pants and stilettos. Unless you’re going to a fancy dress party as The Cheeky Girls.

Know your audience

Of course, the type of shorts you wear depends entirely on the type of place that you work. Denim cut-offs should probably only be worn if you work somewhere like a beach café (lucky you!); if you’re an accountant, something longer and tailored is obviously more appropriate to meet clients in.

The tailored knee-length is your friend

Speaking of tailored shorts, you can’t do much better than a knee-length pair for the office. If the dress code is pretty strict, look for styles in pinstripes or dogtooth fabric and pair with a matching jacket. No one can argue with a smart suit.

The right playsuit can work wonders

Maybe it’s because you’re in an all-in-one, but there’s something about a playsuit - or perhaps a cropped jumpsuit - that feels even more appropriate for the office than a short, summer dress or regular shorts. But it’s got to be the right playsuit; nothing too short and floaty, and look for structured materials like thick cotton.


Try wearing one colour top-to-toe

It looks more put together and less like you're off to the beach, particularly if you go for all black or all white. If you opt for white, you might even be able to get away with wearing trainers (if you're willing to risk getting smelly feet!)

What about the top half?

Guys, we know it’s scorchio, but if you’re getting those legs out you’ve got to balance it out on the top half. Go for something with sleeves and a high neck rather than a boob tube. And definitely no belly button exposure, please.

Where to buy...

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