The Totally RN Way To Wear Leather Trousers

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'When I was styling I was always on the hunt for a good leather trouser. But I could never find a pair that was perfect. It was the same with leather shirts, they were always too thick.' Caroline Sciamma-Massenet is telling me how her leather brand SKIIM came about.

After being scouted, aged 17, Caroline spent over 20 years travelling the world modeling and shooting campaigns with acclaimed photographers including Brucer Weber. Next, she turned stylist working alongside Carine Roitfeld at French Vogue before going freelance to style editorials and campaigns including Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton.

But, frustrated by not being able to find 'a perfect leather collection,' and wanting to create her own vision, Caroline decided to design one herself. Launching for AW17, comes SKIIM, a full wardrobe for lovers of leather featuring shirts, jumpsuits and pencil skirts alongside a a line of ten seasonless pieces called Les Classiques, which includes a biker jacket and, of course, leather trousers.

Watch the video above where Caroline talks us through her favourite way to style them plus check out her tips for nailing that leather look below... 


Caroline Sciamma-Massenet by Taylor El-Hage

You can wear leather at any age... 
'I bought my first ever pair of leather trousers in a vintage store in New York. I was 17 and working as a model and I would pair them with a band t-shirt. That's the interesting thing with leather, it can stay with you even as your style changes. Back then I was into that rock 'n' roll scene, living that NY dream but now my vision is much more chic and sophisticated, but still kind of casual at the same time. Whatever your personality or style, leather is easy to play with.'

Stay away from bulky leather...
'I know leather so well so when I couldn't find a complete collection where everything was right I knew I would just have to create it myself. I hate when a leather shirt is thick and bulky so mine are very, very thin. At the beginning the tanneries were a bit scared as they were worried about ripping but we managed to make it work and the results are so good. They are super flattering.'

Leopard print works as a great alternative...
'I have about 15 pairs of really good leather trousers that I wear all the time. Alongside leather, leopard print is another one of my style signatures. It's my French touch.'

The devil is in the detail...
'The most important thing to look for in a pair of leather trousers is the shape. In fittings I try them on lots of different body shapes. The best thing about leather is that it does give, it moves with your body. Also when shopping look at the little details, check the buttons and the lining. These things make such a difference.' 

Caroline Sciamma-Massenet

Like your skin, leather needs moisturising, too...
'If you get a mark on white leather use an eraser sponge to remove it. If it's a deep stain, always take it to a leather specialist. Never store leather in plastic. It needs to breathe. I'll also use a moisturiser on it to avoid cracks. You need to nourish it to stop it drying out.'

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Mix it up...
'The best lesson I learned from Carine Roitfeld was not to be obvious. You need to maximise quality and the look. Use classic pieces with more eccentric pieces. I like to surprise people by mixing sexy with chic. 'I like to be comfortable and a little bit provocative at the same time but in a nice way, not with everything out. I like to show legs or a little bit of décolleté. I love to try different styles. I'll be sexy one day. Femme fatale the next. Denim another. I don’t stick to one style.'

Never be afraid to experiment...
'My style is very French but from living in London I've learned a lot. English people are more open-minded. We are more judgemental in France. There, if you wear classic then that’s fine but if you go a little bit more edgy, you suddenly see people talking. Here you’re more free to wear what you want.'



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Caroline and today I will tell you how I wear leather pants. I'm wearing a wide legs pants. I love it because I feel really comfortable like in the day or night. And if you were like a crop top or shirt or t-shirt, it's amazing. I've gone with a white classic shirt, which really completes my look with like, kind of aregant leather pants. I love the extreme of etsy and the very over sized shirt. Next, I'm adding that little crop jacket, in little part, which is my signature. I'm a big fan of low part. You can see the nice silhouette. You know, very feminine. I've gone for kitten heels today cuz my day is very long and I like to feel comfortable but still fit at the same time and elegant but quite pointy. So it gives an edge to my pants, to my silhouette, and so I love that. I've chosen the red bag because it's mixing really well with the [UNKNOWN] which is plumping up quite nicely. [MUSIC] Et voila!
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