How To Wear Flats To Fashion Week

How To Wear Flats To Fashion Week
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InStyle's Fashion Features Editor never wears heels. So how does she deal with fashion week in flat shoes?

Fashion week – or fashion month, as we editors refer to it – is one of the most glamorous times of year. Twice a year. So how to you get dressed if your outfit never includes heels? I only wear flat shoes; I don’t even own any heels (you can read my flat shoe blog over at, and I think I’ve got it sussed now.

Whether I’m wearing trainers, brogues or ankle boots, I have a couple of rules to keep me feeling dressed up enough to fit in. Of course, your flat shoes have to be in tip-top condition; nothing that needs repairing should grace your feet and even casual trainers need to be pristine and respectable - clean your white trainers and white Vibram soles with wet wipes or a spray of kitchen cleaner for more stubborn stains.

Try and do a bare ankle if you can but if it’s just too cold, some eye-catching socks always come in handy – make sure you turn up your jeans or trousers to make them look deliberate. I don’t agree that you can’t wear tights – the bare-legs-in-winter fashion brigade are mental if you ask me - but obviously holes aren’t acceptable. I like thick, ribbed tights as you don’t run the risk of damaging them when you’re clambering in and out of cars and over benches.  


Finally, never underestimate the power of a good coat. If you’re wearing cracking shoes and a statement jacket, you pretty much don’t need to worry about the rest of your outfit – just keep it all neutral underneath and let your outerwear do the talking.         

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