Dresses Over Jeans - The Chic Girl's Answer To 'In-Between' Weather

Dresses Over Jeans - The Chic Girl's Answer To 'In-Between' Weather
The 'Drean' Trend

If you were to look at the saved section on my Instagram you'd immediately spot a pretty specific trend I'm currently obsessed with. This one wasn't a key one spied on the spring summer 17 runways nor has it been papped on A-listers, instead it has jumped to my attention via Instagram itself. Popping up in my discover feed or with the tag #OOTD of certain bloggers and influencers I follow and all over the streetstyle feeds, best of all it's a pretty simple one to emulate. I'm talking the dress over jeans, the drean? From Net-A-Porter's fashion director Lisa Aiken in a crimson floral dress from Magda Butrym layered over a pair of washed frayed jeans to Pandora Sykes in a ruffled Ellery version teamed with black kick flare jeans and stylist Kate Foley in a striped shirtdress from Minki over some straight leg black jeans from Frame, when it comes to the trend the options are endless. Then there's InStyle's own stylist Hannah Lewis, who at least once at week arrives to the office in a billowing dress making her highstreet jeans look super luxe. So why are we all loving it? Well, when it comes to styling it gives the illusion of having made a lot of effort when in reality you've just taken a dress and put it over a pair of jeans. It's also a pretty thrifty way of making your wardrobe work harder. Dressier dresses that you may feel a bit over the top in suddenly work for daylight hours, flimsy versions that you'll definintely catch a chill in this erratic spring weather appear postiviely sensible while super feminine styles get a touch of cool roughness. For Fashion PR, Lara Carter, it's one of her staple spring wardrobe options: 'Wearing a dress over jeans is the ultimate tomboy look. It's 90s grunge at its best, reappropriating girlishness and making it your own.’ For her a floral slip dress over a white t-shirt and jeans is her usual take on the trend. 'When I'm layering I don't like it to look too busy so I keep accessories to a minimum and just throw on a leather jacket, some converses and a cross body bag. Proportion is really important, I prefer a midi length dress with a cropped boyfriend jean.'

Although, on first appearance the basis of this trend seems pretty simple i.e. take a dress and put it over a pair of jeans, there is slightly more to it. Read on for the style rules to adhere to in order to give the illusion of effortless style...

First consider the type of dress....


Something with an asymmetric hem or high slit works best for this trend, allowing a good proportion of the jeans to be seen while still being obvious that it is a dress. It's also important to consider the fabric.  The juxtaposition of silk and denim will always be aesthetically pleasing while velvet is also similarly alluring. If opting for a traditional shirtdress, unbutton a couple of buttons from both the top and the button for a more relaxed and flirty feel.

Don't just pair it with any old pair of jeans...

The cut of jeans you go for is pretty essential to making this trend work. You need a pair that expose your ankle bone while raw or step hems up the grunge feel. Straight legs are most flattering and avoid anything too skinny, the proportions will just look wrong. Wash wise keep it simple too opting for dark or light and black denim is best for when you want a bit of a smarter look. And avoid anything with a fussy waistband. You don't want the dress to grip or cling to your midriff, looking flowly not frumpy is the aim of this game.

Think about your feet...

You want a shoe that will also let you flash some flesh. Sliders are good for a relaxed feel while if heels are more your thing, opt for a pair without any ankle straps. For the most flattering look, you basically want there to be an uninterrupted space from ankle bone to the middle of your foot.

Don't be afraid to add extra layers...


I just started meditating. Can you tell?

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Playing with proportions is also a way to amp up this trend. If you opt for a kick flare jean style, go for something with a similar structure on top for an equally balanced look. Layer a slip dress over a plain coloured tee or even a simple shirt and you can also add volume on top like Leandra Medine with a loose blazer. For a more louche take wear you're extra layer shrugged off the shoulder like Tiffany Hsu in Vetements.



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