How To Travel Like An A-List Celeb

How To Travel Like An A-List Celeb

These clever travel tricks will sprinkle star style on all your journeys…

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Whether you're heading for a long-haul or short hop, take some travel tips from our favourite celebs to make the journey fly by. From staying comfortable like Taylor Swift, to looking every inch a star in the arrivals hall like frequent-flyer VB, here's how to have an A-list experience…

Silver slip-on trainers, £65, Dune

Keep feet sweet
Let's start with the basics. Feet need to be comfy on long trips, and thankfully the long-lasting trend for sports luxe – as embraced by Karlie Kloss – means you can wear trainers en route. Rack up the style points with a muted metallic finish.

Nude leather backpack, £295, Follie Follie

Personalise your accessories
Go all out with brightly hued designer luggage tags so you'll spot your bags easily at the other end. Lots of brands now offer a monogramming service, so why not customise with your initials? Ditch the carry-on case and opt for an elegant nude leather backpack and compartmentalise flight essentials so your earplugs are easy to find if you need to drown out next-door's snores.

Stick to the basics.
There's a reason why seasoned celebs like Victoria Beckham often wear black when they travel. A jersey maxi dress is a super-adaptable option that's casual chic – just layer up on delicate necklaces and rings to add extra interest. Always stick to natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, cashmere and linen for travelling, and pack layers so it's easy to warm up or cool down.

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Moisture booster
Aircraft cabins will inevitably leave your skin dehydrated and fragile. Pack your favourite serum or moisturiser – decant into a clear, mini-size bottle if need be – to keep your complexion as dewy as Kendal Jenner's.

Stock up on healthy snacks like nuts and cereal bars, and bottled water, to boost energy levels and keep you clear-headed. But if you don't feel quite your best as you touchdown, every celebrity traveller maintains mystique by donning a huge pair of shades – the bigger the better. Just ask Cheryl.

Drive by
Pre-book a taxi to pick you up at the other end. It might cost a bit more but it beats getting on a crowded tour bus, and you'll be whisked away in true celeb style…

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