Bye Bye Socks And Sandals: Here's How To Transform Your Boyfriend's Holiday Style 

Bye Bye Socks And Sandals: Here's How To Transform Your Boyfriend's Holiday Style 
Josh Newis-Smith

Fresh from The InStyle Yacht Week our Fashion and Celebrity Director, Josh News-Smith shows how you can wave goodbye to dodgy sock and shoe combos by packing more style into your boyfriend’s case…

Marrying summer and style together is tricky at the best of times but for most men it is beyond difficult. Hence why we end up with dodgy socks in questionable loafers and very ‘interesting’ vest tops. On top of that most partners find it impossible to pack for themselves… groan! So with you in the driving seat when it comes to packing here is the capsule wardrobe that will transform your boyfriend’s holiday style and fit into one carry on case. WIN! WIN!

Swap Band Tees For A Classic Bretons

Leave the band tees on the festival fields and bring a babe’ing Breton shirt to the holiday instead. For ship shape sailor style slip into a long sleeved Saint James t-shirt – that’s if the heat permits, of course.

Swap Socks and Boat Shoes For Sliders

Some men have real trouble navigating their footwear from the dark winter months and into the sunshine. The same drab brown shoes will some how make their way from the Christmas party decks and onto the beach decks, socks and all. Sliding into sliders is not only better for a man’s look but they also provide much needed ventilation. Socks and sliders also miraculously work - because let's be honest men don’t seem capable of slipping out of socks in summer altogether. Baby steps, much?!

Swap Hawaiian Shirts For A Classier Take

Big bold Hawaiian prints can be over whelming and very intense on the eyes. So instead opt for a subtler take on the summer staple by locating one with smaller, more refined details. Two embroidered palm trees are better than twenty and this ASOS option keeps that mid-century Hawaii vibe going.

Swap The Olly Murs Trilby for a Baseball Cap

The trilby had its moment in the sun and that ship have most definitely sailed. Instead a 90’s inspired hat will cap off any look.


Swap Cargo Shorts for Tailored Alternatives

Cargo shorts scream TLC on holiday circa 1998 AKA not a good look yet as soon as that suns breaks through in spring many men still let them see the light of day. A tailored striped short is a far more sophisticated option and in a neutral navy it can be the foundations for many summer looks. Or if you can't keep out of khaki, H&M's gathered shorts bring a new formality to holiday proceedings.


Swap Board Shorts for Snazzier Swimmers

Budgey smugglers are out, board shorts are too long and a mid thigh swimming shorts are the solution. Throw niche tropical prints back into the noughties where they firmly belong and play with pastels instead. Leo Joseph brand is the new go to for men and their sophisticated swimmers not only double up as great shorts for post beach frolics but they are made by recycling plastic found in the ocean, too. It’s great to give back and solve wardrobe woes at the same time!

Swap Dodgy Jackets for Slogan Sweaters

As soon as the sun goes down men seem to panic in the twilight zone. A logo sweatshirt with all the nice nineties vibes that goes with it can be the ultimate post beach cover up for men - and won’t lead to them breaking out in a sweat. Wear it untied around the neck for extra preppy points. The captain hat isn't compulsory.

Swap Sports Sunglasses for a Classic

Frame your look with sunglasses that don’t have metallic mirrored lenses and could be worn by legit marathon runners. A classic pair of Raybans are not only a neutral option but they work for virtually every single face shape.

Go forth and pack some serious style into your boyfriend's holiday wardrobe ladies!

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