How To Pack Like A Fashion Editor

How To Pack Like A Fashion Editor

There is an art to packing for your summer holiday. Our Fashion Editor Amy Bannerman shows you how in 8 steps..

1.    The luggage you choose is key. Really think about what you will be doing – you don’t want to be pulling a globetrotter trunk up the Machu Picchu trail. My basic rule is, if I’m only travelling to the hotel/house, I take the biggest bag physically possible. But if I’m travelling around a bit I take a bag that’s easy to carry on my shoulder. There is nothing worse than a heavy bag with small handles that you can’t put over your shoulder. (Chiropractor alarm.)

2.    I store all of my summer clothes in soft boxes during winter to create more space in my wardrobe, so I unpack all of this and wash anything that feels musty.

3.    I create separate piles for different categories – shorts, vests, dresses, jumpsuits etc. This is a really easy way of seeing what you have too much of. (Who needs nine white vests on a week long holiday?) And you can spot if there is nothing black in your packing (we all know how great black looks with a tan). I find bikini editing the hardest, but that’s what you will spend your time in so I give you permission to pack 14 of them.

4.    I use old striped dust bags to separate my packing, but any kind of cloth bag will do. One for underwear, one for bikinis, and an empty one for dirty laundry. Then things like dresses and shorts go in the main case. This makes unpacking when you arrive super quick, plus when you get home you won’t have that painful experience of separating out your dirty laundry.

5.    Planes are always freezing. Take your sarong on the plane to use it as a blanket/scarf. Once you’re on the beach you can use it as a turban to protect your hair from the sun and as an emergency towel.

6.    I take a clear wash bag on the plane full of lovely mini products that I find throughout the year. Try giving yourself a face massage with oil while watching a movie. It’s very relaxing! These rituals turn a plane journey into a mini spa session, so you step off looking better than when you got on.

7.    Green tea. This is a flyer’s best pal. It stops bloating so you don’t arrive needing a lie down and you’ll look better in your bikini too.

8.    My BFF always travels with a bikini and one holiday outfit in her hand luggage. Once we went to Greece together and the airline lost my WHOLE CASE. I bought a neon child’s souvenir tee and some bikini bottoms which I wore for a week. This is when I learned that the ‘capsule wardrobe in your hand luggage’ trick would have come in very handy…

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