The Supermodel Rich List: What Do Kendall, Cara & Gisele REALLY Make?

The Supermodel Rich List: What Do Kendall, Cara & Gisele REALLY Make?

Ever wondered how much models get paid to star in the hottest campaigns and do their thing on the Fashion Week catwalks? The figures are INSANE

They’re some of the most beautiful women in the world. They grace magazine covers, front luxury campaigns and, chances are, have probably attended at least two of Leonardo DiCarprio’s leggy parties, but how much do the goddesses of the catwalk really take home? 

Forbes' has revealed it's annual highest paid model list, and the pay packets these ladies take home are staggering. 

She may have only made her catwalk debut a year ago, but Kendall Jenner has already risen through the ranks to be named as one of the top model earners of the last year. Scooping 8th place, the 19-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians protégé cashed in a cool £2.5 million for her modelling jobs alone. As the face of Estée Lauder, and the hottest catwalk model in town, it's no wonder she's made an impressive new entry. 

Leading the pack (and holding on to the top spot) is super Gisele Bündchen, who has reigned supreme in the model wage stakes for NINE YEARS.

In 2015, the Brazilian beauty is reported to have made an eye-watering £28.4 million thanks to her various projects and high-profile campaigns. Yep, this girl's done good. Here's how the rest of the modelling industry's top earners play out...

=9. Edita Vilkeviciute - £2.2 million
=9. Kate Upton - £2.2 million
=9. Jourdan Dunn - £2.2 million
=9. Anja Rubik - £2.2 million
=9. Hilary Rhoda - £2.2 million
8. Kendall Jenner - £2.5 million
=7. Liu Wen - £2.9 million
=7. Daria Webowy - £2.9 million
=7. Carolyn Murphy - £2.9 million
=7. Kate Moss - £2.9 million
=6. Candice Swanepoel - £3.2 million
=6. Karlie Kloss - £3.2 million
=6. Alessandra Ambrosio - £3.2 million
=6. Lara Stone - £3.2 million
=5. Joan Smalls - £3.5 million
=5. Miranda Kerr - £3.5 million
4. Natalia Vodianova - £4.5 million
3. Doutzen Kroes - £4.8 million
=2. Adriana Lima - £5.8 million
=2. Cara Delevingne - £5.8 million
1. Gisele Bündchen - £28.4 million

Not exactly what you'd call a close race, is it?

It doesn’t take a finance expert to know that the biggest modelling names always earn way more than their lesser-known counterparts, but their catwalk fees vary beyond belief. Lets look at Karlie Kloss, for example.

According to a study conducted by the AAT (that’s code for the Association of Accounting Technicians), the 23-year-old super earns on average £194 for every single step on the catwalk. We’re talking close to £6,000 for one turn on the runway. Wow. 

On the flip-side, some just started out in their modelling career can expect to receive less. We’re talking WAY less.

According to further research by the AAT, 18-year-old model Molly Bair earned just £1,700 for walking in 48 shows since the start of 2015. And they we’re measly shows either – think the likes of Alexander McQueen and Chanel, and you get the just.

While the wages aren't even for all models on a catwalk level, when it comes to big campaigns, even a newbie can cash in around £15,000 for a shoot. Now you’re talking…

Speaking about the company’s findings, a spokesperson from the AAT said: ‘The figures were based on calculating the average amount a beginner model, an established model and a supermodel earns to walk runway divided by the length of a 30 metre catwalk. However, once their annual salaries from the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 2015 fashion shows and advertising campaigns are combined, the gap between model status and pay cheque becomes even more apparent.’

Proving their point, the AAT has calculated that Karlie has already banked around £81,000 from the 22 shows she’s walked so far this year. Taking into account the rest of her projects, she’s made a whopping £1.8 MILLION so far in 2015. 

Not bad for strutting your gorgeous stuff, huh?

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