Yesterday At NYFW: Gigi turns designer and wellies get the Dolly treatment

Yesterday At NYFW: Gigi turns designer and wellies get the Dolly treatment

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The Good Ship Tommy Hilfiger

When we arrived at the venue for Tommy, we were confronted by the HMS Hilfiger - a huge old-fashioned cruise ship complete with chimneys and shuffleboard on deck that had us thinking of Leo and Kate. Again. So it was quite the surprise when the soundtrack wasn’t Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, but a MEGA megamix of tunes from Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album which - excuse me while I have a guitar geek moment - contains some of the best bass lines ever, written by Louis Johnson. Cue group foot tapping. But the music matched the clothes, which did have a nautical theme (obvs), albeit pumped up with a sprinkle of disco fever. The show opened and closed with model of the moment and brand ambassador Gigi Hadid, who come next season, will have designed and be showing her own collection for Tommy. It will be available to buy right away, whereas the traditional SS17 collection will be shown to editors in a more low-key affair. More proof, if any were needed, that fashion week as we know it is an endangered species.

Cowgirl Wellies At Jeremy Scott

Oh, Jeremy Scott. We love you. We might never have the nerve to wear anything more than an iPhone case you designed (we’re British! We’re conservative!), but that doesn’t mean we don’t get a kick out of your mental-in-a-good-way runway shows. Today went a bit Dolly Parton, with pin-up motifs galore and, most importantly, the Wellington boot of the season: a high-heeled rubber cowboy boot. Sometimes with all-over rhinestones. Statement? Yes! Practical? Yes! What’s not to love?

#chairporn at The Row

I know I’m here to look at clothes, but I keep getting distracted by interiors. On Sunday there were some cracking carpets at both Victoria Beckham (block colours) and Derek Lam (chevrons and stripes), and yesterday I had major chair envy at the presentation for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s label The Row. This chic design classic sums up the collection pretty well, and I love that the twins opt for a low-key presentation where they let the clothes, rather than their celebrity, do the talking. Classy.


Hair Your Nan Would Hate (But LOVELY Clothes)

At 3.1 Phillip Lim, models stomped down the catwalk with poker straight hair over their faces, causing me to hear both my grandmothers’ voices in my head crying ‘how can you SEE with all that hair in your eyes?!’. Once I’d composed myself though, and started concentrating on the collection, it soon became clear that I wanted most of it. Even, curiously, the heeled ankle boots (I don’t wear heels), but mostly, the flat sandals worn with bejewelled, woolly ankle socks. In fact, I’m currently Googling ‘Greenwich Village haberdashers’ in an attempt to make an emergency pair and be massively ahead of the curve...

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