Bafta Winner Georgina Campbell On Eating Ice Lollies With Jude Law

Bafta Winner Georgina Campbell On Eating Ice Lollies With Jude Law

It's time you got to know Georgina Campbell...

'So, I was 16 and standing on Tottenham Court Road, when this woman came over and asked me if I was an actress.’ Georgina Campbell is telling me about how she went from schoolgirl to Bafta winner in just a few years. ‘She wanted me to audition for an online drama she was directing. I had time to kill, so I thought why not?’ The online drama, MySpace’s Freak, went viral and, bitten by the acting bug, Kent-born Georgina headed to Royal Holloway to study film and got herself an agent. Then, in 2014, she landed a role that would be a total game-changer – Ashley in Murdered By My Boyfriend, a harrowing true story that made her the surprise winner of a Bafta, beating household names including Sheridan Smith and Keeley Hawes. So, what’s happened since then? Here, she talks parallel worlds and eating ice lollies with Jude Law…



That outdoor bath on the InStyle shoot looked pretty cold…
‘It was freezing. I couldn’t stop shrieking and giggling when I got in.’

What pieces did you want to steal from the shoot?
‘I loved the Cavalli dress with the beautiful red beading and the Suno floral green coat. That was such a cool look.’



Is it quite different to your day-to-day style?
‘Absolutely. I’m definitely not that fashion forward. Today, I’m wearing Topshop dungarees and a plaid shirt. It’s very farmer girl.’

Have you splurged on anything to celebrate a role?
‘No, but my friend who works in costume bought a Miu Miu bag when she finished a job last week. Maybe I should follow her lead.’



Your hilarious reaction upon winning a Bafta for Murdered By My Boyfriend went viral on Twitter…

‘It was such a shock to win. After I accepted my award, I had a bit of a panic attack and had to call my mum. It was very un-cool.’

You bagged your first film role in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Knights Of The Roundtable: King Arthur. Was it daunting?
‘It’s very different to TV. The sets were huge and really beautiful. We also did some epic shots in Snowdonia.’



How was working with Jude Law?
‘Fantastic. One day it was really hot and he gave me a Fab ice lolly. He had one for all the crew, but maybe I should pretend it was only for me!’

Was Blake Harrison just as nice on the set of Tripped?
‘He’s the funniest person ever. I used to watch The Inbetweeners at uni with my guy mates, so they were very excited. Tripped is a comedy drama and I play Kate, whose boyfriend Danny [Blake] finds himself tripping into parallel worlds with his best friend Milo and being chased by an assassin [Richard Gadd]. It’s quite bizarre.’



What do your family make of your success?
‘They’re always like, “Oh god, you’re on the telly again”, but they’re very supportive. My mum records everything I’m in on VHS. Like, who still has VHS? I told her it’s all online now, but she still tapes it.’




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