Georgia May Jagger Tells Us What She's Getting Cara For Christmas

Georgia May Jagger Tells Us What She's Getting Cara For Christmas
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The model and Thomas Sabo ambassador fills us in on her pre-party beauty regime and what she's gifting Cara Delevingne for Christmas...

It's party time, how long does it take you to prep?

'It depends on the type of party. Sometimes I'll just throw on a pair of black jeans and heels and do my makeup in the car. Or if it's a fancy event I'll get my hair and makeup done so that takes about an hour.'

What are your pre-party rituals?

'I like a bath before I go out. It's nice to start afresh. I enjoy the whole dressing up experience. Sometimes I think its more fun than going to the actual party. I have a playlist called "Ladies" that I like to put on. It's all Donna Summers and The Supremes.'

What about fancy dress?

'For my 21st birthday I dressed up as a dragon and had my whole body spray painted with scales. I like to go all out. I don't like when people only come with a bit of fancy dress or go pretty at Halloween.'

What's your favourite emoji?

'The smiley poo. It's my go-to emoji. I want a bacon one though. There's only a pig and a fried egg and that's just wrong.'

Who are you guaranteed a night of good dancing with?

'Suki is an amazing dancer, me and her have been dancing together for a long time. Cara is as well but Suki tends to be the one that ends up being there all night. She won't even have a drink and she'll still be there all night.'

And who's best for all night giggles?

'My sister. Just the fact that she is laughing all night makes me laugh with her. It's infectious.'

InStyle's Chloe Mac Donnell with the Thomas Sabo ambassador Georgia May Jagger 


If you've got mates coming around to yours what cocktails do you serve?

'I tried to make raspberry mojitos the other day, I would give them a 6/10. There was too much mint so I ended up straining them and that helped. They were very well presented though. I put an edible flower on each one.'

Do you cook?

'I do but I tend to be more of a one-pot wonder. I like to do a roast or a slow cooked lamb.'

Do you always take your makeup off after a night out?

'I actually do. The times I haven't I've woken up with my eyelashes stuck together and it's been horrible.'

What's best for hiding a hangover?

'Concealer for bags under your eyes. Sometimes it's good to do those very cold under-eye bag things too.'

A onesie for Christmas lunch. A do or a don't?

'A definite do. I don't get out of my pyjamas for the entire day. We tend to get new ones for Christmas so at lunchtime I'll step up my game and get into my new ones.'

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?
'I'm always hoping to find lots of puppies but I never do as as we know a puppy is for life not just for Christmas! I already have a pomapoo but I might get another one early next year. I'm one of those people that talk to people's dogs on the street.'

And what are you going to be gifting?

'I always give my mum jewellery. I'm giving her earrings this year. I usually give Cara jewellery too. We get things engraved for each other quite a lot. I've got a Thomas Sabo charm necklace with GMJ engraved so I like to do things like that for my girlfriends.'

What's been your best party of 2014?

'I had a lot of fun at Poppy D's wedding.  We went to Morocco and had an amazing time. I'm really looking forward to New Year's Eve.  I spend it with my family. We're all going to the Carribbean.'

What about New Year resoulutions?
'I don't make them. I always break them. I never go the gym. I went to pilates like once. I've never even done the spinning thing people talk about.' 


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