Hannah On: The Benefits Of Getting A Fringe

Hannah On: The Benefits Of Getting A Fringe

Our fashion features editor got a fringe cut. And she loves it.

I just “celebrated” my 39th birthday. Which basically means I am virtually the big four-oh already (how the hell did that happen?!). And, of course, with milestone ages come hang-ups and insecurities about the way we look. I’m relatively happy with my figure (which is remarkable, considering that the most aerobic exercise I get is walking to and from my once-a-week Pilates class and occasionally running for the train) but in the past few years I’ve noticed my face changing: it’s getting progressively rounder (yay!) and there are, of course, wrinkles.

In a recent office poll down the pub (my wine consumption goes some way to explaining that round face, by the way), I was voted person at work least likely to get plastic surgery, and this is true. I would NEVER get Botox, let alone an actual going-under-general-anaesthetic procedure. Each to their own and everything but it’s just not for me. But that doesn’t mean that those lines don’t bother me a bit, although I am happy that most of mine are laughter lines around my eyes which means I’ve had a lot of LOLZ in my time. Nonetheless, I decided to take action. I got a fringe cut.


I think I had the idea to have a fringe cut in my late 30s way back in around 1994 when I was 15 and the ever-youthful Susan Kennedy was rocking one every day on Neighbours (#forwardplanning). So I trotted off to Daniel Hersheson last weekend and asked my hairstylist Louis to work his magic. When he’d finished we both agreed it looked like I’d always had a fringe; in fact, that has been the response I’ve had from most people, as well as a “my God Hannah, you look about 12!”. Always a good comment to get when you’re about to turn 40, that one (I admit, it was my mum that said it but it still counts. IT STILL COUNTS!). Anyway, I am thrilled with it; it’s youthful, slightly rock 'n' roll and easy to style. And, surprisingly, doesn’t even make my face look more round. Win.

Obviously I spent the week before The Fringe Appointment doing extensive fringespiration research. Never embark on a drastic hair change without visual references for your hairdresser, guys! Some of these ladies might have grown them out by now, but these are a few of my favourite bangs.

Sienna Miller in Alfie
This was actually my fringespiration for my last fringe 10 years ago. Love it paired with the retro half-up do.

Claudia Winkleman
The best thing I’ve learnt from Winkle’s Fringe (did you know it has its own Twitter account?) is that you ALWAYS need more eye make-up once you’ve had one cut.


Alexa Chung
When does the Chung’s hair ever not look amazing? This fringe is from a few years ago – she’s grown it out now - love the loose locks around her face, too.

Rose Byrne
It was a brief flirtation with bangs for Rose, but I liked it. I like my own hair to look a little bit ‘f***ed up’ (to quote Louis, my hairstylist) but if I were going for a sleek, red carpet look, I’d look no further than this.

Jennifer Lopez
J-Lo has been looking smokin’ recently. Head to her for lessons in either a) easing your way gently into the idea of a fringe or b) growing an existing one out.

Felicity Jones
Cute as a button Felicity demonstrates another fringe benefit: it makes an up-do look less severe. Even the humble ponytail looks way better with a fringe.

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