Yes, You CAN Wear Flats To A Wedding

Yes, You CAN Wear Flats To A Wedding

Off to a wedding this weekend? Here are the best flat shoes for wedding guests that will have you on the dance floor all night...

Hands up who has one pair of relatively (but not completely) comfortable go-with-everything heels that get wheeled out and dusted off for every wedding/christening/30th birthday party going? Yep, that used to be me too. But let’s be honest. You don’t really like them that much. And you can’t walk in them. And you nearly left one of them at the last wedding you went to because you drunkenly took them off on the dancefloor so you could do the running man to MC Hammer…

Over the past five years though, I’ve discovered the joy of wearing flats to weddings. Because I don’t actually wear heels at all. Not ever! I even write a blog about it (you can read that over at So since I made my pledge to never wear heels again, I’ve had to start thinking outside the box when it comes to occasion wear. And I must say, I’ve enjoyed weddings 100% more.


Obviously, comfy shoes mean longer periods on the dance floor. I do love a good dance at a wedding! I’ve always been the first one on when the music starts but since I ditched the heels, I’m the last one off too. But not only that, I’ve found dressing for weddings a bit easier, because I have the confidence to go a little more casual and try things like trouser suits instead of that ubiquitous floral dress. Plus my little black dress looks cooler than ever.

There are a few rules I like to stick to, but if you fancy being more comfortable at a wedding this weekend, here’s how.

Choose pointy flats

Ella pumps, £129,

This is the closest you can get to a heel without so much as even a slight burn on the ball of your foot. The pointed toe feels somehow smarter than a round toe, plus it elongates your legs for a more flattering look. An easy transition for the first-time flat wearer. (You could also totally wear this pair if you're the bride. Just saying).

Try pale coloured brogues

Grenson 'Emily' brogues, £230,

Masculine shoes are totally acceptable, and look lovely with dresses if you find the thought of pairing them with a trouser suit a bit scary. I prefer white and pale colours for the summer though – and definitely avoid black! - as it’s a little kinder on bare legs.

Sandals are fine if the weather permits

Salt-Water Sandals, from £55,

But make sure you’ve had a decent pedi beforehand! I’d be inclined to avoid anything heavily embellished (it looks a bit ‘little girl at an 8th birthday party’), though a subtle metallic finish is a nice touch. I think one of my favourite outfits I ever saw at a wedding was a very stylish lady wearing Salt-Water Sandals. Because why not?

Experiment with trainers

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Liberty, £91.99 reduced from £115,

Obviously you’ll need to check the dress code, but the right pair can work a treat. VERY IMPORTANT: they need to be relatively new and incredibly clean, and preferably white or in a pale colour palette. Bonus points for a floral print. Team with tailored trousers and a '90s-style cami top.

Make like Gucci with classic loafers

Topshop 'Karter' loafers, £65,

You don’t actually have to buy them from Gucci though, because Topshop are doing these absolute beauts. Just add a whimsical floaty floral print dress for a look that’s straight off the catwalk.

Look for fancy finishes


Zara lace-up ballet pumps, £39.99,

Details like leather bows and ballet pumps with ribbons (Zara has both of these covered at a great price) are a big deal right now, and this is perfect news for the flat wedding shoe hunter. The ideal partner for your trusty LBD, as well as your favourtite frayed hem jeans the following day!

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