Fiorelli's New Range Is Chic And Charitable: Meet The Pinstripe Collection 

Fiorelli's New Range Is Chic <em>And</em> Charitable: Meet The Pinstripe Collection 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means pink - and lots of it. Stores and brands create special items with the main aim of raising some much needed funds to go towards fighting breast cancer and we usually see small pink bows attached to everything. But Fiorelli has taken a slightly different approach to raising awareness for the cause.

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The brand has partnered with Breast Cancer Care, a charity which provides care, support and information to those suffering with breast cancer, to create four new bags known as the 'Pinstripe Collection'. 

To showcase the bags, the brand partnered with Katie Worth, a 37-year-old wife and mother of two young children, who was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago. Now, a survivor, Katie proudly shows off the collection in the pictures below.

1. Bethnal, £69

2. Anouk, £59

3. Mia Crossbody, £59

4. Mia Grab, £65

The collection will feature the four different bags, and has been launched with the hashtag, 'Carry your confidence', with the hope that it will encourage women to "carry their confidence the same way they carry their favourite handbag". Not only is the campaign created with a fantastic message and movement, the bags are all kept at Fiorelli's excellent price range, with prices ranging from £59 to £69. 

Each of the bags are going to be on sale from October at and in selected stores, with £10 from each bag being donated to Breast Cancer Care, enabling the charity to support women suffering through cancer. 


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