Fashion Blogger Sarah Mikaela On How To Wear A White Shirt Without Looking Like You're Off To A Job Interview


'Growing up, I would wear my parent's shirts that they had worn in the 80s, when I was a teenager, so I think that’s where my love of an oversized shirt comes from,' says Sarah Mikaela. I'm standing in dressing room/ office of the fashion blogger and at one end of a very crammed rail is a whole section of white shirts. 'I have about twenty-five but they're are others that are packed away,' she laughs confessing she's a total white shirt hoarder. A former design student at Central Saint Martins, Sarah now works full-time on her blog Framboise Fashion where she documents her daily fashion, lifestyle and travel adventures alongside collaborating with brands as Liberty London, FarFetch and Hunter. Whether prancing around in Positano, strolling through a rainy Soho or just sipping a coffee at her local cafe, the Danish/ Australian and London based blogger makes everything look seriously chic. However, best of all she doesn't take herself or the fashion industry too seriously. A quick watch of her Instagram stories with her warm and bubbly personality plus her infectious laugh and you'll see why she's amassed over 156K followers. 

Here she talks through her white shirt dos and don’ts. Plus watch the video above where Sarah breaks down her white shirt styling formula...


My number one tip for wearing a white shirt is to go for an oversized look. It plays with the notion of the masculine and feminine which I love. And it just always looks so effortless.

An oversized shape also stops it from looking too corporate. I love the look of Julia Roberts in the 90s. The big curly hair, the boxy shirt and the straight jeans. It’s just so effortless. And even though it's quite an oversized silhouette, it's still really flattering.

You should splurge on one good white shirt that you know you are going to love. You’ll use it for everything. I love the Danish brand Gestuz. And on the high-street, I think Zara do a really good white shirt. 

Once you've got a staple white shirt, make your next buy a little bit different. Find one that has some interesting detailing. That could be bell sleeves or a fabric that is slightly different. That’s the reason I have so many, there are so many variations of the style.

There's nothing a white shirt doesn't work with. From florals to prints, skirts to slim jeans and a blazer. I even wear them under dungarees. 

If a white shirt is slightly see-through just embrace it if you're comfortable with that. You don't always have to wear nude underwear. If you’re someone who wears a triangle bra just go for it. Don’t feel self-conscious but at the same time keep it subtle.

When it comes to keeping a white shirt spotless, I'm the worst. I will no doubt spill make-up or ketchup on it. So when it comes to cleaning I'm a pro. My biggest tip in keeping it bright white is to never ever wash it with anything that is coloured. The tiniest bit of colour transfer will ruin it. So just hand-wash it by itself. 

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A white shirt looks best creaseless but that’s just not realistic. I always start out with it freshly ironed and crease free but I'm going to have to sit down at some point in the day so of course it will crease. Just embrace the imperfections. That's my life motto too! 



[MUSIC] Hi, guys, I'm Sarah Mikaela and today I'm gonna show you how to style the white shirt. So I've chosen this white silk shirt from Gestuz that has bell sleeves adding a little bit of extra character and making it a perfect choice for a date night look. A fun way to style the bell sleeves is by pairing it up with a Similar silhouette in jeans. And I love this pair, because they have a very classic light wash, they are flared, and the hem detail is totally my favorite. I am pairing the look with these Alexander Wang heels. And I absolutely love them for all the studs and the very cool cutout detail. Next up, I'm adding this shoulder bag by Alexander Wang which has a very cool look detail, and I absolutely love the chains going through the strap. My final touches are a few pieces of delicate jewelry that I wear everyday, and that's me off. [LAUGH]
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