WATCH: Ella Eyre Gets A Donald Trump Make-Over

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Ella Eyre is a singer of many talents, she writes her own music, sings like no other and has one serious hairstyle. So what happened when Ella swapped hair styles with Donald Trump…

Our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts sits down with Ella Eyre, the face of Emporio Armani Diamonds Club fragrance to talk all things hair. Everyone who isn’t living under a rock should have heard of face swap, even if you haven’t partaken in the Snapchat phenomenon, but let’s be honest that is SO two weeks ago. It’s all about Joshington Hosts’ hair swap game. Who better to step up for the challenge than Ella Eyre, a singer who has the hair to match her big lungs.

Here’s what happened when Joshington Hosts swapped Ella Eyre’s hair for some very famous faces...

Boris Johnson vs. The Queen

There was no hiding Ella’s shock at seeing her faced superimposed onto Boris Johnson’s body and hair, ‘I look like Boris Johnson’s brother!’ ‘Where is my neck?’ commented the singer before continuing to ask, ‘do I get a discount for picking Boris, I don’t even get a full head of hair?’ Inevitably, after saying she was ‘rocking’ the Queen’s hair, after all you do get a free tiara with it, Ella picked The Queen, ‘I can’t bring myself to loose my hair at 22.’

Harry Styles vs. Justin Bieber

In a battle of the teenage heartthrobs there could only be one winner... Harry Styles! As Ella remarked, ‘he has great hair, he looks great here, we look great here!’ Sadly Miss Eyre thought the ‘contouring is way off,’ between herself and Justin Bieber, giving Styles’ swept back rah vibe the win, ‘I am going to take this to my hair stylist and say “make me look like Harry Styles!”’

Country Taylor vs. Taylor 2 point 0

Presented with Ella does Taylor Swift circa the country years, the singer remarks that, ‘this kinda looks like a wig… on me… no hate, no hate!’ Eventually picksTaylor Swift 2.0 despite, ‘I wish you had kept more of the fringe, it looks like you put on a bowl and went like *does snipping gesture*

Donald Trump

I mean who wouldn’t want to look like Donald Trump? Ermmm EVERYONE including Ella, ‘I have even less of a neck than I had with Boris. It looks like an onion, and it looks so orange!’ Do you think Donald gets a tan, Ella? ‘100%!’

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Watch Ella Eyre, the face of Emporio Armani Diamonds Club, in action below and click to buy the fragrance here!







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