10 Cool Throw-On-And-Go Dresses For The Working Week

10 Cool Throw-On-And-Go Dresses For The Working Week
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Shopping for your work wardrobe can be a mega drag — you don't want to spend loads of money on clothes you'll just wear to the office, but you spend the majority of your time there and don’t want to wear things that don’t feel like you. Hashtag connundrum.

The thing is 'work clothes' just aren't that cool — remember those black trousers and awkward fitted shirts you’re forced into in your first jobs? — and that is not how you want to spend your week days, especially when it’s the place you really have to feel your most impressive and all-round fabulous.

For some jobs, you're limited in how sartorially adventurous you can be and suits are expected BUT if you work somewhere more chilled (like jeans-and-trainers-in-the-office chilled) there's a downside — all your clothes become work clothes which isn't much fun when it gets to the weekend.

That's why sometimes work dresses can be a good — they're simple, easy and allow you to get up and out in about 20 minutes flat.

Shirt dresses are a classic, as are pinafore styles and we’re all about layering right now. Take tips from the street stylers with a failsafe roll neck jumper and sleeveless dress pairing.

One potential downside of dresses are tights (if you're not a fan of the denier), but the weather's warming up and socks are an excellent choice... Lacey, sporty — they can all jazz up your outfit while keeping profesh. 

Lacey tights have got the fashion thumbs up so it's another option on those colder mornings, though go for a preppy look to avoid looking too naked. Colourful tights too, as seen at Gucci, though you risk looking slightly mad if you're not careful. Only team with muted block colours and classic shapes to avoid a Grayson Perry vibe (which is 100% cool if you're him, otherwise best avoided).

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