18 High Street Dresses To Keep You Cosy This Winter

18 High Street Dresses To Keep You Cosy This Winter
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The best winter dresses are finding their way onto our wish list since the temperature plummeted and with the AW16 collections dropping, what better time to get your winter wardrobe sorted?

The temperature has plummeted in the last few weeks and, even though the clocks haven't yet gone forward, leaving the house in the morning is fairly hellish. And it’s only going to get worse.

Though you want to run back and get into bed or dig out your ski clothes before heading into work, sadly it’s not socially acceptable because — apparently —  our winters are pretty mild. So we’re still expected to look nice. Great.

This doesn’t mean skin on show, obviously – far from it. Our wardrobe saviours in winter come in the form of jumper dresses and things you can layer. How much more bearable is the idea of leaving your bed when you can get into what is essentially a blanket? The best thing about both is the versatility – for different plans and the easy-to-change heat controls to keep your thermostat from exploding when you go from the tube to outside and into weirdly heated offices and shops.

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Autumn/winter 2016 has us covered with the puffa jacket trend (thank you, fashion God) which gives us an excuse to wrap ourselves in a duvet every day.

Under it? Just throw-on a dress. We’ve got pretty much all your plans covered with pick of the best of the new season. Weekends and casual work places are simple – wear a jumper dress (with colourful tights for a Gucci edge.) It’s when plans get smarter it gets more tricky – we’re all about layering a black roll neck jumper under more skin-bearing dresses. It's also another way to prolong packing away your summer wardrobe — just layer a paper-thin knit under it, or go for something oversized and chunky with a pair of ankle boots.

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If you’ve got a tights-phobia (an understandable thing), this season’s boot trends will be your friends. We’re aiming for no skin between the hem and the top of the boot so over-the-knee pairs can be layered under mini or midi lengths.

Improve your mornings no ends with our winter dress edit…

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