Weekend Wear For Work? Hannah Lewis Repurposes Her Summer Wardrobe

Weekend Wear For Work? Hannah Lewis Repurposes Her Summer Wardrobe
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If you're like me and SO over having to spend lots of money on clothes that you only wear to work; then think again. I look into how to merge my weekend and work wardrobes into one...

Workwear is usually the last thing I budget for when pay day comes – and I’m sure I’m not the only one. With holiday wardrobes to think about – and finding an outfit for that special date night – who wants to spend money on clothing that’s just for work? So I have started styling my weekend wear for the office. You’re probably thinking ‘jeans to work, really?’ The answer is, yes, yes you can.

Key pieces from my weekend wardrobe that I also wear to work include shirts, jackets and jeans or casual trousers. My top tip is to really dress it up and clash your fabrics. If you want to wear denim then style it with something silky or a few feminine ruffles. For example, I’d wear my G-Star RAW Elwood skinny jeans (I love them in white for summer and it also feels slightly smarter than a blue wash) with a super-smart ruffle blouse and a pair of dress flats. They also look really cool with a block heel – if I don’t have a busy day of appointments involving lots of walking; blister hell!

As the weather gets warmer I’ll wear denim jackets and denim shirts to work, otherwise they just sit in my wardrobe until it’s festival time. But make sure you team them with a mid-length skirt or even a dress to keep it office-appropriate. I have some favourite silk skirts from last season, which are perfect for dressing up denim. 

Lastly, to get the most from mixing your work and weekend wardrobes, plan ahead before you shop. So the next time you buy denim, for example, look out for a smarter denim trouser or culottes, which you’ll be sure to wear for both.

Here are my top 10 G-Star RAW hero pieces that fit perfectly with my workwear wardrobe. Happy shopping! 

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