11 Sassy Wedding Shoes For The Un-Basic Bride

11 Sassy Wedding Shoes For The Un-Basic Bride
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It's all about getting a pair you can wear again, and who wants to wear a silly satin shoe anyway? Here's our pick of the best...

Wedding shoes, and wedding everything, has changed big time... No more silly satin shoes, hunt for 'the perfect shoes' or pairs you'll only wear once. We've got no time for that...

All we're asking is to find a pair of shoes that look excellent (obviously), go with the dress (of course) and don't KILL your feet after wearing them for the whole day (...it goes without saying).

There's the classic white pumps, but we're mixing it up with Francesco Russo pair — the ankle detail giving it a little Insta-edge. Our favourites are No.21's mega luxe twist bow shoes — flats or heels, depending on your thang.

Liudmila is a new fav for attention-grabbing styles, with the cute booties to the feathery sandals, they're perfect for a not-quite-floor-length dress.

They're not all massively expensive either — if you're budget is looking a little lacklustre, we're all about a high street shoe. Mid-heels, tassley flats and velvet ankle straps  — you can get a fun pair for under £50.

Here's our pick of the best...

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