Vinyl And PVC Are Huge For AW17, But How The Hell Do You Wear It? 

Vinyl And PVC Are Huge For AW17, But How The Hell Do You Wear It? 
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Vinyl and PVC clothing is everywhere this season and it's not as hard as it seems. 

I must admit, when the fashion set started talking about PVC trousers last year I swore I'd never get a pair. They felt tacky and, to be honest, I didn't want to face the struggle of trying to squeeze into them and have two shiny sausages for legs or, worse, for them to embarrassingly split on a night out. The latter has actually happened to me once, and I'm still reliving the shame.

But, after a small trial run last year, I'm thrilled this super slick trend is back and better than before. And, this time, it's not just trousers – we've spotted it all, from macs to skirts to jumpers. What I've found, is that this plastic trend can seriously boost your confidence and elevate your look. I expected to look and feel vile in my PVC pants but, surprisingly, I felt amazing.  

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Ellery, Calvin Klein and Marni all featured super glossy pieces on their AW17 catwalks that somehow looked both chic and cool. But for AW17 it's not just the designers that have nailed the look; ASOS has the perfect letterbox red mac, while Zara has a pair of clear plastic boots that I'm seriously into. There are also lots of pieces with a plastic outer layer, such as Calvin Klein’s checked trench coat with a plastic coating.

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The key to wearing this in real life, and not feel like you’re dressed in some sort of weird bondage vibe, is to pick a single piece of PVC and style up with something simple and sophisticated, like an oversized crisp stripe shirt with vinyl pants or a white tee under your plastic mac.

I strongly advise you to try this trend. It’s a definite #instaworthy look that’s for sure and you might just unleash your inner fierce.

Check out our 17 PVC favourites and inject some fun into your winter Wardrobe.

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