The One Valentine's Day Gift For Him You May Not Have Thought Of...

The One Valentine's Day Gift For Him You May Not Have Thought Of...
Suit's Harvey Specter showing us male grooming is nothing to be ashamed of

Working out what to get my partner for Valentine's each year is always a stress. Flowers? Not really his thing. Chocolate? That doesn’t agree with his training schedule. A facial and a manicure? For a guy? Maybe that’s not such a bad idea…


A few years ago if I gave my boyfriend an envelope with a voucher for a facial inside an awkward silence would envelop the room and tumbleweed would have blown between us. In his head I know he would have been imagining something similar to the ‘Beauty School Dropout’ dance sequence from Grease. But this is no longer the case.

Henry Cavill as Superman - with skin like that he definitely cleanses, tones and moisturises

The term ‘metrosexual’ arrived in the early 90s to describe men who began to take more pride in their appearance than the stereotypical ‘machismo’ male. It’s only in recent years it has become far more accepted and almost expected behaviour. Look into his bathroom cupboard and I bet you will see expensive hair products, where the cheap £2.99 wax (or even worse, gel) used to lurk. He uses a hairdryer each morning and they’ll definitely be some kind of moisturiser and a bi-weekly facial scrub. There might even be an eye cream and a body-hair trimmer.

Male Facials in the Toolshed at Privet

The modern man takes pride in his appearance. Gym memberships are on the up (and not just in January) and the sales of male grooming products have skyrocketed. You may also have noticed the increase grooming salons catering to men. Privet in West London offers a range of treatments aimed at today’s gentleman, including ‘man-icures’, anti-redness and anti-aging facials and a whole host of massage treatments all in their men-only toolshed. The salon gives off the vibe of a man-cave, providing the perfect environment to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable.

Inside Privet

The traditional barber shop is once again on the rise. Ted Baker is on a roll opening grooming rooms across the capital offering men a chance to come in and get a sharp haircut or traditional hot towel shave. There is a demand for a barber that will trim the eyebrows and nose hairs, ‘flame’ the ears (painlessly burning off ear hairs), and thread any trace of a monobrow.    

Ted Baker's Grooming Room

So even though he might not admit it’s what he wants, this Valentine’s Day maybe think outside the box and make his ‘treat’ a treatment. A clean shave and younger looking skin? Really it’s a present for you too.

Privet male treatments start from £6.50.

Ted’s ‘One & Only’ shave £18.50. Vouchers available from

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