The Best Jeans: The InStyle Round-Up

The Best Jeans: The InStyle Round-Up
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The perfect jeans, they're notoriously hard to find - so, the InStyle team have shared their favourite styles to give you the ultimate denim lowdown and help you find your perfect pair...

Buying yourself a new pair of jeans is the best way to update your wardrobe and feel amazing. There’s no worse feeling than a pair that have gone stagy at the knees, impossible to zip up and are positively faded. That said, buying jeans doesn’t come easy. I detest the actual process of buying them - sweating buckets in a cramped changing room and, despite taking in multiple sizes you can guarantee the one you want you’ve left on the shop floor. Just one look in the mirror and a cropped kick flare is full length on you, and if they fit your thighs then they hang off the waist.

With that in mind, I’ve scoured the designers, the high street and the denim specialists for the best jeans to suit your shape. Here’s the verdict…

Best skinny jeans

Will skinny jeans ever go out of fashion? Even with the fashionable boom in mom jeans and edgy straight legs; Kate Moss proves that some of us just can’t and won’t ever be over our skinnies. They really do go with just about everything, and find the right level of stretch, you’ll be super comfy in them too. If you want to wear wellies or an ankle boot, I find skinny jeans are the best type of jeans to tuck into boots. I love J Brands’ as they’re super high waisted

Best jeans for women with big thighs

I have totally been there when either jeans just don’t fit over your thighs- and the next size up hangs off your waist. Or they fit but just seem to be so unflattering on your leg’s that you want to take them straight off. Well, call in the high waist and go for a long, wider leg like Zara's has. Granted, a wide leg often needs a good chunky heel to pull off, which aren’t always comfy for everyday, so go for a high waisted, straight leg if not, like Mih’s cult jean which have an amazing cross section stretch.

Best jeans for going OUT OUT

You can never had enough pairs of jeans. Jeans for dressing up, jeans for going smart-cash, jeans for work, the weekend… it’s endless! But when it comes to the evening, I am all about a straight leg jean. Super hugging on your bum (we’re all about a peachy bum!) and slim in the leg, they’re perfect to tuck a top into to show off your waist. Team with a mule for a fashionable edge and to show off a decent amount of ankle. You’ll love H&M version if you’re after a bargain.

Mom Jeans

We all originally fell in love with them when we girl-crushed on Rachel from Friends. Personally? I was always a bit afraid of trying Mom Jeans, as to me they felt unflattering and heavy. But that was until I discovered how the Mom had been redesigned for this season, in all new, chicer cuts. The key to making them of the moment is to tuck everything in, it's the best way accentuate your waistline. Topshop totally nails this style, and they pass the comfort test too. 

Like the style? Take a look at even more Mom Jeans here. 

Embroidered Jeans

Thanks to Alessandro Michele’s SS 16 collection, we all fell head over heels for the fancy flora, deliciously ostentatious embroidered denim. And of course, it’s not just Gucci as you’ll find your trophy pair anywhere from Stella McCartney to Zara. Fun, flirty and much more sassier then a plain pair. Sold? Then you'll want explore even more embroidered jeans for yourself. 

Girlfriend Jeans

While the classic ‘boyfriend jean’ hit the scene in the '90s, showing off perma-tanned and uber-toned midriffs, and have evolved into the slouchy weekend go-to we know and love, the girlfriend jean is the fresher, more flattering fit on the scene. What are they? They’re the middle ground between your skinny and your boyfriend, so sexy but cool, and they’re every fashion editors total fave.

Shop our edit below and start exploring more of your favourite denim styles.

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