The Swoon Worthy Swimsuits We're Buying This Summer 

The Swoon Worthy Swimsuits We're Buying This Summer 
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Swimwear can be a nightmare to find. Like jeans, whenever you realise you need it, it's nigh on impossible to find one which you like and/or that fits. Check out our InStyle Swimwear Edit for a no-stress peruse of the new season styles...

Who hates buying a swimsuit? Hands up, I do. It’s almost as traumatic as buying jeans. You know the drill. It’s drizzily and rainy and you’re either trawling the internet for something fresh and sexy, trying to assess your size, your vibe and what will work for that week in the sunshine and you’ve just no idea what to buy. Or even more stressful, you’re in store, pulling off your jeans, trainers, socks and all you’re seeing is sock marks and you’re seriously white body. That neon high-cut is definitely a no-go when you’re in this mood.

I once chatted to Heidi Klein and she said ‘the key thing to do before you buy a swimsuit is to get a spray tan first, that way you’ll be able to really visualize that moment when you’re by pool and about to dive into that beautiful turquoise water.’ I’ve obeyed Heidi’s orders ever since. This season swim-suits are having a bit of a moment. Think sporty and slim-line and 80s if you want to give those high-cut legs a go. Labels to look out for are Zimmerman, Lisa Marie Fernandez and Marysia who all specialize in fashion-forward swimwear. And because one swimsuit is never enough we’ve found 20 that we know you’ll really love.

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