WATCH: How To Choose The Perfect Sunglasses In 3 Steps

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Shopping for sunglasses? Our fashion director Arabella Greenhill is here to help...

As much as you like to think that everyone is looking at your amazing new shoes or that favourite trophy bag, what people really look at when they first see you is your face. And that means that sunglasses are important! As well as protecting your eyes and helping you see, they can also lend an instant, undeniable cool factor to just about anyone.

Shopping for sunglasses is not an easy experience, though. It’s a bit like shopping for jeans (UGH!). There is SO much choice; so many colours, shapes, styles…where to start?! Here are my top tips...

1. Think about what you want them for

If it’s a holiday, go for a lightweight pair, as you will be wearing them all day on the beach (or if the sun goes in, carrying them in your bag) - aviators are my favourite holiday style. If they’re just for walking around the city, try a stronger, more fashion-forward shape in a bold colour. For me, as someone who spends eight weeks of the year on the FROW at fashion week, the weirder the better to keep those street style photographers on their toes.

2. Get a second opinion

Once you have decided what you need them for, go and try on as many styles as possible. Of course once you are indoors wearing sunglasses, it’s rather hard to see your own reflection in the mirror, so bring an honest friend with you for a second opinion. If no-one is available on the day turn to your other best friend (your mobile) and take a few selfies of you wearing your favourite pairs instead.

3. Consider your face shape.

There are four basic face shapes:  square, oval round and heart. Figure out which one sounds most like you and you’ll have a good idea of the sunglasses styles that will be the most flattering.

So with that in mind, check out our pick of the coolest sunglasses for 2016...

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