Breton: The Top For Life 

Breton: The Top For Life 
Edward Berthelot

The Breton is the ultimate style staple. In fact, I'm of the strong belief that it's more important than the plain white tee. There isn’t a single member of the InStyle team that doesn’t own a Breton top, and that’s the guys included. Screaming Parisian chic, it goes with everything in your wardrobe – what’s not to love? From Alexa Chung, Kate Middleton and even Coco Chanel, you can guarantee all of your favourite celeb stylecons have been seen rocking a Breton more than once in their lives.  

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Whether you’re yet to join the hastag #BretonClub or you’ve worn your old one to death and need an update; we’ve found the perfect style to suit you and your budget. Wear it with boyfriend jeans and trainers for a super casual weekend look; or throw on a pair of sassy leather pants and an ankle boot for an uplifted evening look. Or if (like me) you want to lounge around and feel half decent about yourself (despite the reality being you’re hungover and have eaten a whole pizza); believe me, a Breton top and trackpants seems to do the trick!

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