Timeless Or Trendy? 15 Little Black Dresses To Shop Now

Timeless Or Trendy? 15 Little Black Dresses To Shop Now
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Little black dresses are an actual essential. The one thing that will get you through the occasions where you just don't know what other people will be wearing - here's our edit of the best

'One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress', said Karl Lagerfeld one time - and, though the black dress gets all too many column inches, we do actually agree.

It's just the thing for those odd occasions when you're going to something and don't have any idea what to wear, and no friends to ask about their outfits.

Whether you go timeless or trendy, there's a style to suit every body shape - whether you go waisty with a kimono dress, or show off your legs in a boxy short shape.

The kind of amazing thing about a black dress is you can wear them to 'with everything to any occasion' - to quote Julian from Bridget Jones. Whether it's a smart dinner, a party or a date, or even something more casj - like a pub trip or holiday evening, your trusty black dress will work. Obviously not something structured or too flouncy, but a simple slip style (like Equipment's silk one - the dream) can be pared back with a clean pair of sneakers or sandals for minimalist Parisian chic.

Remember - they're not boring, they're CLASSIC.

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