Leather Rucksacks: InStyle Trials The Best

Leather Rucksacks: InStyle Trials The Best
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We’ve gone leather rucksack crazy here at InStyle – from bright-yellow leather to watermelon prints and back to school, InStyle tries out the best...

What’s not to love about a leather rucksack? They’re uber-practical (yes, even for our giant make-up stash), they stop us getting the dreaded tote-bag backache, and nothing says laid-back cool on a first date like a tomboyish, ‘girl-with-lots-to-do’ rucksack. And yes it is handy to stash your gym kit in, or to keep a discreet change of clothes in if you don’t plan on going home tonight (none of our business) and, oh joy, you will be able to run for the train without the contents of your bag being scattered all over the platform.

But the thing we’re loving most about rucksacks right now? Stand back nylon and canvas, it’s all about the beautiful soft leather styles that are enjoying a big moment  – so yes, you can totally take them out for dinner with you. And the best thing about rucksacks 2015 style, is that the days of any-colour-as-long-as-it’s-black are long gone. Opt for a lemon yellow or powder blue to brighten up a Levis and Stan Smiths Sunday brunch look, go for a tan satchel style for a fresh office style or make a bold statement and team a hot pink or watermelon motif with a gorgeous floaty summer dress (and avoid shoulder strap marks – total bonus).

And if you haven’t invested yet in this seasons’s essential bag, now might just be the perfect time, with festival mania about to kick off. And even if you haven’t managed to blag yourself any Glasto passes this year to flaunt your genius new aceessory, don’t worry, if you get your hands on a hot new rucksack, everyone will think you are so cool you must have been there anyway. And your little secret will be safe with us…

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