Iconic Festival Looks To Inspire You (And Your Wardrobe) This Summer

Iconic Festival Looks To Inspire You (And Your Wardrobe) This Summer
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The iconic looks that are getting us in the mood for the festival season. Click through to see our top 10....

Festival dressing is a minefield. You want to be the coolest girl there, you don’t want to look like everyone else and you definitely don't want to feel like you're wearing your normal everyday summer clothes. We look back at some of our favourite festival outfits over the years for inspiration. Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Rita Ora and Dolly Parton – if you use them as your style heroines it's hard to go wrong. We have come up with a festival check list to make sure you’re on trend and nothing key is missing from your rucksack.

1. White jeans So festival inappropriate, so instantly chic. Who cares if they get dirty. It proves you’ve had loads and loads of fun.

2. Army jacket. The pockets are so big you won’t need a bag. This is Carine Roitfeld’s trick, although I don’t think she’d be seen dead at a festival –stilettos and mud don’t mix.

3. White sunglasses Eternally cool. Think Kurt Cobain in the 90s. Also it means you can check out all the hot boys. Wear them all the time, especially in your tent to ensure a good night’s sleep.

4. Studded mini bag A nod to the festival hippy trend but more rock ’n' roll than fringing.

5. Bed hair You’ll have this anyway from sleeping in a tent so you may as well embrace it right?

6. Cashmere sweater So cosy, looks super-luxe and you can use it as a pillow in your tent. Versatile!

7. White trainers Totally rap star, totally impractical but will up your cool factor by 10 notches.

8. T-shirt dress Great in hot weather. Add a chain belt to bring it up to date. Take leggings to layer underneath on cold evenings.

9. A metallic slip dress A bit 90s Kate Moss, a bit Alexa. The ideal 2015 festival dress.

10. Teva hiking sandals The sandal of the moment. They come in 100s of styles and colours and I want them all.


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