Glasses So Stylish They'll Make Your Entire Look

Glasses So Stylish They'll Make Your <em>Entire</em> Look
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Spectacles are the best way to jooz-up to your look, whether you need them or not. 

Up until recently I would do anything to avoid wearing glasses, even struggling through longs days at work straining and squinting at the screen. I know, I'm vain. But I just didn't feel chic when I wore them, putting on glasses felt like a mask and I didn't feel like me. Now, though, now I couldn't be more into wearing specs. If i'm having a bad hair day, or fancy a makeup-free day, my specs are the first thing I reach for to complete my fuss-free look. Not only that, now I use them to make a statement. 

I've taken my lead from the likes of Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, who upped their street style game last year with oversized aviators. It's a departure from last season, when we were all obsessed with chunky black frames, this season it's all about a more delicate look with fine metal frames and clear acetate frames.

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But, ultimately, it's all down to what suits your face shape the best. 

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If you have an oval shape face, then a Ray-Ban aviator style will totally suit you. Choose a fine metal gold or silver frame (depending on what you prefer to wear jewellery-wise) and they will actually act like another accessory that finishes off your look. If you have a slightly rounder shape face then just opt for a rounder frame in the same style – Silhouette and Garrett Leight have great examples below. 

Keeping it real

I don't know about you but when there are so many trend-led styles out there I sometimes feel a bit out of my depth. The important thing is to go for a style that suits you. If obscure styles and oversized shapes aren't your thing then don't worry, classic brown and black frames are still seriously strong, and the likes of Celine and Gucci are still making some seriously chic styles. But if you want to try something a tad more quirky, try a slightly rounder shape rather than a rectangle. 

Hot Right Now 

But, if you want to push the boundaries a bit and really keep up with the fash pack, then go for a clear plastic acetate frame, like the Cubitts pair below. Perfect to add a fashion edge to your off-duty hoodie and jeans look. 

Shop my edit of glasses below and bag yourself a seriously cool pair of specs; whether you're after a super cool new brand or a designer pair. 


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